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Light Transmissions

Channelled Guidance and Personal Insights

In sharing our light we activate each other...

Covering expansive metaphysical topics on all things ascension, it is my intention to lift the veil of perception and understanding. 

Light transmission readership will result in: heightened intuition; increased sensitivity to cosmic and subtle energies; strengthened telepathy; lucid vivid dreams; increased pineal gland third eye experiences; radical changes in perception and emotional inquiry; advanced multi-dimensional awareness and understanding.

  • Should you donate for the light field activations received via transmissions readership, thank you for balancing the energy exchange. 

  • All transmissions are beneficial to your DNA modulus light field activation and consciousness expansion, irrespective of the space time.

  • If you are new to light field synthesis, I advise you read older posts first; creating a base on which to build your knowledge and understanding.

  • For those advanced in light field synthesis (working closely with myself or another Source Divine Light Architect), recent posts provide energetic updates, guidance model integration and Source Field activation.

Note to energy hawkers, mimickers and copycats of my light field synthesis, these actions incur karmic reverberation, so in essence you are simply hampering your own light field presence and expansion. I ask you to move deeper into your own light field spectrums, so that you may achieve authentic self-realisation.

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