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My Ascension Journey

A Tale of Transformation and Multi-Dimensional Awareness


Undergoing life threatening surgery in 2013, followed by an outer body experience, I was catapulted into my ascension journey.  Left traumatised with a weakened immune system, I gravitated to various spiritual teachings and philosophical literature, acquiring a deeper understanding of profound metaphysical concepts.  Eventually I started meditating, searching for inner peace, stability and answers. 


Staggered activations over a period of years, were then followed by an extremely intense and rapid period of activation.  Thousands of hours of meditation assisted in field expansion beyond immeasurable scope. However, hundreds of quantum energy sessions were required to facilitate and harmonise the activations.  This provided field support in the form of restructuring and modelling.  This facilitated the components required to access my own quantum gnosis and harness cosmic energy; in order to heal, guide and activate others.

Whilst the gnosis I bring through is unique to my scope, to ensure my field remains distortion free, I no longer consume mainstream media or reference other intuitive channels.  I do however, work closely with my mentor; an advanced holographic divine light architect and energy fascilitator.  This ensures personal progression and expansion, so I may restructure and guide, without a blurred lens of perception.

As a result of life experiences, soul blueprints, walk-in modulus and soul mission; I am a divine source light channel, holographic divine light architect, Akashic and Amenti intuitive, energetic seer and energetic facilitator.  Like numerous souls incarnate at this space time, here to synthesise and stabilise Gaia-sphere and her inhabitants, throughout the great consciousness awakening.

If my journey, offerings and scope resonate with you, please feel free to reach out or book a session.  


With love, Zahra 


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