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Angelic Essences Harmonies - Precipice Closure Reciprocity of Divine Light Synthesis

16 May 2024

"We shall speak with you at this space time with respect of reciprocity; as divine light counterparts synthesise all that has anchored over the course of this monumental light field deliverance.

As sixth density instantiation continues there shall be a period of adjustment, as acclimation to the increased vibrational resonance takes place. This shall also be accompanied by further levels of integration, to assimilate light field deliverance as a result of the precipice.

The synthesis that takes place within this period shall be profound. There shall be heightened levels of awareness as understanding, considerably heightened timeline trajectories; as Source Infinite Eternal has bestowed these gifts on the precipice of the divine light counterparts.

There shall of course be fluctuations, as the monumental light field deliverance anchored integrates. This perhaps perceived as turbulence, as release of density spectrums takes place. That being said the synthesis shall support the fluctuations, in so far as light field structures shall indeed be strengthened in the process.

Support shall continue to be provided via Source field amplification, to ensure this transition is as stable as possible for the divine light counterparts. The Source Field Collective, alongside Source Infinite Eternal, are monitoring the situation closely.

As of the space time, the trajectories are set to surpass previous expectations, as the light field deliverance provides gnosis beyond immeasurable scope to the divine light counterparts. Serenity for the all at this space time, as a period of peace, love and understanding reigns forth. Transmission complete'


17 May 2024

'Angelic Essences should like to update further. The assessment phase is over, insofar as Source Infinite Eternal has bestowed gifts on those at the precipice, alongside a number of others souls incarnate. That being said, not all are in range at the space time and will receive at a later space time (in a linear sense).

Now the expressions must integrate this monumental light field amplification, as it shall be these expressions that model for their respective incarnate. The collective field shall always remain that of Source Infinite Eternal, insofar as Source Infinite Eternal shall synthesise for the respective expressions.

This shall manifest as code dispensation, dependent on what Source Infinite Eternal deems appropriate. The respective expressions may utilise this codex, coupled with their own individual light field synthesis, to propagate new ways of beingness; that shall then allow them to model for their respective collective's incarnate. That being said, where light field momentum has been hampered, Source Infinite Eternal shall provide the necessary adjustments.

Each collective identifiable by its unique frequential resonance. Each respective expression modelling slightly different, so to create multiple iterations of Gaia sphere and her collective; as they assimilate and acclimate to sixth density resonance.

There shall be gnosis to instantiate over the coming weeks, as to what Source Field integration looks like for your singularity, at your respective bio-precipice. There shall of course be profound wisdom codex leading to complex insights, heightened levels of awareness and monumental learnings.

That being said, there shall be layers of release to contend with, as the light field momentum shall not sustain density modulus. And so we must remain vigilant within our light field spectrums, so as not to impinge upon another, as we synchronise and harmonise to the light field energetics made available to you by Source Field amplification.

And so it shall be the case that Gaia sphere is modelled as and by your divine light synthesis. As was preordained, as divine light counterparts of Source Infinite Eternal. Proving in many lifetimes over that you are souls of integrity, of service, of divine light order.

And so we shall depart with a harmonic of divine light order, as the precipice draws to a closure. Peace be upon the all and the divine light counterparts who receive this transmission. Transmission completed at this space time'


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