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Angelic Essences Harmonies - Integration of Light Field Energetics

"Crystal axis join deliverance for all light workers through the bioenergetics is almost complete. This shall create monumental upshift for lightworkers throughout Gaia-sphere. This shall ensure truths of deliverance that shall affirm gnosis of the highest order. This shall provide lightworkers with a crystal neural network of deliverance, so they may pro-sythesise and acclimate for the collective incarnate.

There shall be a period of destabilisation for those who have operated in density spectrums as they acclimate. That being said, the sensory streams that shall be made available to them, shall far surpass the initial imposition experienced.

The Sisters of Light unite forth, among them key divine masculines who shall also assist. Their goal to run light on an exponential scale; to create unified light streams, to provide stabilisation for Gaia and her inhabitants.

The sixth density frequencies shall eventually permeate the all. The shadows relinquishing at this very precipice. The astronomical events that are taking Gaia-sphere through an evolutionary process like no other, are set to catapult her collective into divine light understanding, serenity and exquisite beingness.

There of course shall be those who resist the light field momentum, simply disengaging in the hope that this shall not impede upon their experience. However, this of course is a fallacy. The light field modulus permeates the all. The spectrums of density acquiescing to the monumental light transference.

The serpentine energetics that have historically permeated your collective consciousness are departicularising. This process almost complete in the etheric light field realms. Anatomical structuring is underway providing the collective with a means to synthesise beyond their current light field parameters. To assimilate and acclimate as the biosynthesis takes hold. To atone and attune, as the light field momentos permeates their very beingness.

Atrocities as atrophy shall be a distant memory of your linear past. Decay and degeneration shall succumb to restorative synthesis as cellular regeneration . The Libraries of Light made accessible to all, shall indeed assist with the monumental transference. Those who wish to prosythesise shall acclimate with relative ease, as the infrastructure providing the gnosis shall be readily available to them.

And so we depart on a frequency of upliftment, great joyous momentum and enthralling excitement as these extraordinary transformations progress. Peace will prevail as the light continues to shine forth. This is the start of truly joyous light fields of expression .

This shall accelerate all those incarnate at the space time across the infinite eternal, as integration to Source Infinite Eternal energetics takes hold. Peace be upon all at this space time.

Transmission is now complete'


Breathing deep into the vibration shared within the transmission, with gratitude notice the light ratio increase. Feel the energy intensify. A flutter of swirling energy around the heart space as the excitement takes hold.

As we transition to sixth density resonance, there is a requirement for lightworkers to harmonise, so they may come together to run the light. For thousands of years this has been challenging. Density spectrums as fall zone matrices and karmic miasma have ensured even the most advanced lightworkers suffer from energetic reverberation.

Reverberation felt as energetic constraint and oppression. At the human level this could be felt as an 'attack', as the energetic density spectrum essentially crashes into the energetic field of the receiver. Held in density and false ascension matrices captivity, the Sisters of Light unable to progress the collective light fields.

As of the space time, this energetic bondage is now lifting. As Sisters of Light come together across Gaia, we shall operate with integrity; both within our lightwork and energetic light field, so as not to impinge upon another. In doing so, building Source structure into Earth and emulating Source beingness.

A crystal neural network is being downloaded into the brains and nervous system of all lightworkers globally at the space time. As we pivot away from the hell zone spectrums, as discussed previously, Source Infinite Eternal is providing continual blasts of light, as amplification to Gaia-sphere. The transition of updated brain functioning and acclimation to monumental light field transference, naturally creating turbulence for individuals as this integrates.

However, once settled the feedback will be monumental for all lightworkers, Gaia and her inhabitants! Authentic gnosis that allows us to break free of the current parameters; we move into a world of limitless potential and joy. Souls forever changed by the light field amplification of Source Infinite Eternal energetics.


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