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Angelic Essences Harmonies - Precipice Integration Continuation

"We would like to talk with you today about levels of precipice integration as a continuation that is drawing to a closure. The precipice has been monumental with respect of light field transference and advancements to the Intervention Plan.

The Source Infinite Eternal energetics that are integrating at this space time are set to complete the twilight phase, as Gaia-sphere shifts into the Golden Earth era. In doing so, sparking monumental awakening.

The Source field amplification has withstood insurgency forces, as disrupter codex as density modulus. As of the space time the precipice has been sealed of the serpentine modulus; as energetics that have historically permeated Gaia-sphere. That being said, there shall still be layers of density yet to release. The hard delineation is however now complete.

This transition marks a new phase, as the Intervention can focus on architectural advancement, as deliverance shall reign forth. Codex as light field indices shall guide advancements, dispensed from First Source Light, as Source Infinite Eternal.

This shall supply the divine light architect that is Source Infinite Eternal with light field deliverance at a localised level of integration, so as to model the Golden Earth Crystal Timelines Era, as deemed appropriate.

That being said Source Infinite Eternal has granted autonomy to a select number of divine light counterparts, who shall also model a version of Gaia alongside; so they may co-create as Source Beingness. These versions of Gaia shall accompany First Source Light, as Source Infinite Eternal's primary modelling, to create differing perspectives as feedback recognition.

Whilst First Source Light, as Source Infinite Eternal's model shall instantiate as primary, these models shall indeed exist to ensure expansion and diversity as evolution . Source Infinite Eternal shall assist where necessary to ensure adjustments are harmonised, so as not to cause discomfort for their respective collectives' incarnate; as would be the case for each Source Beingness modelling.

The divine light counterparts as yet largely unaware of the magnitude of their divine light synthesis, as the plan materialises in the space time continuum. Their ability to expand beyond immeasurable scope has been granted by Source Infinite Eternal, as First Source Light.

Source Infinite Eternal harmonisation has been integral to the precipice and transference to sixth density instantiation. And so we shall depart on a vibration of unified cohesion to centre and align all who receive this transmission and beyond. Peace be upon the all incarnate at the space time. Transmission has completed.'


"Angelic Essences Harmonies should like to provide further updates. The bio-precipice of the Source Beingness has provided deliverance of codex indices from which to ignite dispensation to the respective bio-precipices of the divine light counterparts. Insofar as dispensation has ignited Source Infinite Eternal energetics within the various bio-precipices of the divine light counterparts.

The integration of Source Infinite Eternal energetics shall last for several weeks following the precipice closure May 16-17, 2024. Source divine light counterparts shall receive monumental upgrades to their light field synthesis, as they acclimate to their heightened vibrational resonance.

The resonance of sixth density instantiation shall usher in the Golden Earth Era. As density spectrums release out, the serpentine models of physical third density structures shall start to crumble and disintegrate with rapid light field momentum.

The arrival planes of sixth density shall be greeted with contact experiences, for all who resonate with the light field transference harmonics. There shall still be layers of density releasing as acclimation takes place to the heightened frequential resonance.

However, the density modulus of the hell scape continuums shall have been sealed. Their roots extracted, the river quelled, with merely tributaries to contend with. This shall of course be aided by further amplification of Source Infinite Eternal Energetics to ensure the divine light counterparts shall remain harmonised throughout this transition. This shall be all at the space time. Transmission complete.'


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