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Manifestation as a Means to Secure Actualisation - The Council of Light

'Manifestation is an understanding at the physical level that outcomes are based on much more than action in motion. Manifestation is an awareness of an energetic field in which potential can be harnessed. Manifestation is the pre-curser to self-actualisation. Insofar as it is an inference and understanding of that which is yet to self-actualise, can be achieved through the quantum field of potential.

And so you may ask what is manifestations purpose, if not to secure self-actualisation? It is an integration at the human level of that which has already actualised into beingness in the morphogenetic field.

We would add that actualisation can be obtained via frequency and action in motion to secure relevant timelines and continued heightened trajectory. As such a willingness to change the physical may also be required in certain instances.'


Insights downloaded a couple years ago, I refrained from posting until now. I feel this is useful for individuals to understand. Regularly used in our human vocabulary, 'manifestation' has become an all encompassing word, used to explain a process of multiple components. Something I was guilty of too. Not exactly wrong but helpful to know the difference!

Manifestation is simply an awareness of an energetic field of potential that can be harnessed. It is an understanding and anticipation at the human level, of energetics that have already been secured in the quantum field. It is that which has already initiated and now must be anchored into the physical, as a potential set into motion.

So essentially it is the actualisation via frequency and action in motion that secures timeline alignment, not manifestation. The work has already been done! It is actualisation via our thoughts, feelings and small day to day actions, which balances our intentions and completes the energetic cycle. Thus signifying self-actualisation in your physical reality. For more insight on actualisation, you can check out posts via the tabs below.


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