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Attrition of the One (Navigating Timelines) - Lords of the Akash

"Atonement and attrition are a necessary part of the current frequency shift on your planet. There may be troubling developments ahead at this time, as the timeline presenting is one of chaos. Humanity must be prepared for numerous eventualities. The Akash as it stands, is outweighed with tumultuous and turbulent timelines of probability. There are more destructive energies to commence on your planetary grid system, with current timeline alignment.

The density will have massive impact on morale and perception. This shall be transformational in terms of frequency shift, positivity will follow. This shall manifest in several ways over the coming months and years. There shall be little room for doubt and fear, if you are to navigate the shifting timelines successfully.

You must remain neutral in your perception. Unbiased and unattached, you will remain stable in a sea of chaos. There shall be much polarising energy at play, trying to bring you out of alignment with source frequency. You must observe, integrate and release all conflicting emotions and thoughts. You must stand in the midst of density and remain steadfast in your neutral awareness. Attrition and atonement of your human collective is upon you; as is the nature of evolutionary shifts, to ascend and progress."


Operating in a linear space time continuum, we think of time as past present and future. In actuality, the quantum field operates on the basis of everything happening in the now. All timelines existing at once, allowing for infinite possibilities and outcomes. Our frequency being the driving force of timeline alignment. Operating at a low frequency, will unfortunately attract unfavourable timelines and outcomes.

With this in mind, it appears the current collective timelines of probability, are leaning towards chaos. Nevertheless, out of the chaos comes positive change. Remaining in neutrality, this message is not intended to instil fear, only make aware.

The density may surface in multiple ways. If we are to prepare, we must do so in a vibration fitting of the outcome we desire. We have already observed an increase in volatile weather pattens, a precarious financial system and an over-dependency on the media to inform.

If we are to navigate the timelines successfully, we must move beyond the fear. In doing so, we are liberated from the constraints of our current 3D matrix. Free to explore and co-create a new and improved way of being.


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