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Frequency, Flow & Transitional Changes - Pleiadian Council Universal Understanding Human Acclimation

"There is an energetic exchange taking place on your planet, that has circumvented the ascension process at this time. The dualistic approach to solving problems, is an outdated structure. This will not suffice if we are to continue on with the evolutionary process of ascension.

The process by which the human collective must move toward, is that of collaboration and co-creation. This will manifest in multiple different ways, affecting all sectors and societal structures, within your holographic matrix. This transitionary phase shall be for the betterment of humanity, but will come at a cost to your current way of living.

You are being asked to completely change your mode of being, the way you operate, conduct yourself and treat your body. You are being asked to step outside of the parameters defined by societal structures and norms, in order to process, heal and propel yourself forward. This may seem like an imposition at times, as you shed the many layers of density keeping you small, weak and powerless. You may be required to uncover truths and face beliefs about yourself, that are detrimental to your evolutionary path. This will be challenging, but will lead to the dissolution of the status quo, as you know it on Earth at this time.

Remaining in a state of flow and gratitude, will allow this transition to move through you with ease and grace. There shall be many opportunities for betterment along the path. Following your intuition and internal guidance, will allow you to make choices in alignment with your soul blueprint and divine purpose. This is when the energy flow will truly expand and the many wonders of the multiverse will open. Allowing the collective and the individual co-creation to manifest."


Operating in a lower third dimensional matrix, a dualistic approach to the universe, has been fundamental in shaping our belief systems. Good and evil, right and wrong, black and white, heaven and hell. Transitioning to higher states of consciousness and vibratory resonance, the individualistic and separatist approach loses significance. Rigidity and absolutes, give way to fluidity, expansion and unification.

Experience has shown us that the current transition is no easy feat. Set to continue over the coming years, personal and collective density will surface and clear. There will be great challenges, there will be great change. Remaining present, we remain in flow. Remaining in a state of gratitude, we transmute the density. Operating in flow and gratitude, we stay connected, aligned and guided by our higher-self. Thus able to navigate, expand and co-create a better future.


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