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Frequency Shifts - Pleiadian Council of Universal Understanding & Integrative Human Acclimation

"Frequency shifting is a necessary part of evolution. It is necessary to expand our awareness and knowing. It is akin to the dense energy shifting out of your collective consciousness, to postulate new ways of being.

These new ways of being support our increased vibration. This allows us to infer without judgement or presupposed belief systems. We are then able to assimilate to higher dimensional reality and consciousness.

We are able to acclimate and assimilate to new and improved timelines of existence. Timelines where we can experience peace, joy, love, abundance and divine unity. This is the new paradigm. This is the reason for your current frequency shift. This is where the New Earth comes into existence."


Sat in meditation deliberating my opening topic, I immediately heard 'frequency shifts'. The human collective is undergoing a massive shift in consciousness, leading to mass awakenings. Outdated societal structures are in the process of disintegration. Exciting, challenging and perhaps somewhat daunting at times, we are being tested to the limit!

Required to heal our traumas, overcome our fears, release all attachments, anger and judgment. Lighter we align to more positive timelines. As if that wasn't enough, we have to bring our body along for the ride too! Our increased vibratory state, requires changes to our diet to metabolise the light. Eating a nutritious whole food diet, instilling food with gratitude and listening to your body, aids in alleviating physical ascension symptoms.


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