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Polarity - The Council of Light

'Polarity is a necessary part of the universe. The dimensions allow for varying degrees of experience and understanding. The experience lends itself to the perceiver's awareness. The experience is an opportunity for growth. Polarity is an expression of light on a spectrum of transitory being, in order to understand one's self. Through contrasting experience and awareness, we are able to grow and evolve. Without judgement and presupposed belief systems, we are able to navigate polarity and acclimate to the higher vibratory frequencies - available to you assimilate'.


Operating at a lower vibration, density is more prevalent than in the higher dimensions. 3D has provided humans with a wide spectrum of experience and emotions, ranging from fear to unconditional love. It is through this broad range of experience that we truly evolve.

Currently transitioning to a state of sixth density, both Gaia and her collective are ascending together. An increase of high frequency light is hitting the planet. As a result, fear, negativity and collective trauma are surfacing to clear. To navigate the shift we must bring our awareness inward, nurturing our light and connection to source. A truly chaotic and perhaps challenging time to incarnate; yet out of the darkness, a new dawn will emerge.


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