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Polarity as a Vehicle for Change - The Council of Light

"The transitory state of being that is imbued upon you, is necessary for evolutionary development. The constitutions by which you live are being questioned and falsified. There is an air of discontent amongst your collective. There is a shortage of faith in the systems that govern your planet. There is a reckoning of the scales, that is about to ensue.

As with all change there may be periods of discomfort. There may be pain and suffering in the transitional phase. There may be conflict, leading to polarising perspectives. The scales of destiny so for out of alignment, that chaos is upon you like never before. Yet out of this chaos, order, coherence, a new and improved way of being will emerge.

The status quo is to be challenged, as a catalyst for change. This change is both internal and external in its manifestation. The change will be of magnitudinal proportions. There shall be no more fear of the unknown. There shall be no more stigma of metaphysical concepts. There shall be no more human led atrocities. Only peace, abundance and divine unity will prevail."


Collectively shifting to a higher dimensional frequency, low vibrational density will no longer resonate. A transitional phase where societal structures are being questioned, the mainstream narrative falsified. The pandemic, war and infringed civil liberties, just a few examples of density surfacing to clear. The lack of transparency simply exacerbating the suffering and fear. Polarising energy and beliefs, eventually toppling the scales until balance is restored.

This change will be led by the masses but starts with the individual. Internal inquiry and healing must take place, before it is reflected into the external. Old behavioural patterning, relationships, beliefs that no longer serve, all must be released. Leaving behind the suppressive fear based systems that govern our planet, we make way for a collective that is present, curious and connected.


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