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Attunement to Source - The Council of Light

"To attune is to atone. To atone is to rid yourself of the density you carry within your energetic field. The attributes of atonement are far reaching. The significance of atonement is necessary to overcome the density in your holographic reality. You must work with inquiry and reflect on your thoughts, emotions and impulsive actions. You must reflect without judgement to departiculate and transmute. You must not succumb to doubt and fear, in order to access your source field potential.

You are an expression of the one. You are no longer bound by structure and form. You are an expression of the entire multiverse and beyond. You are love, you are light, you are divine expression in action. You are an attribute of source, the one, the everything.

You are key to evolutionary understanding. You are an opportunity for growth self-actualised. You are a co-creation of source incarnate, to experience within the realm of infinite possibilities. You are the master of your experience. You are omnipresent in your being. You are astral in your nature. You are astronomical in your frequency when in alignment with source. You are the Divine.'


In order to align to the high vibrational, pure and unconditional love frequency that is source, regular self inquiry is key. Non judgmental reflection ensures neutrality. High vibrational thoughts and emotions, will then allow you to transmute any density. Fear and doubt will only restrict and suppress, keeping you small and powerless.

Move beyond this barrier and you will feel your expansiveness, your infinite reach. A reality without borders or rigid constructs. Each a fractal of source, we experience for source, as source. We are key to source evolution. Omnipresent within the morphogenetic field, our soul is multi-dimensional and transtemporal. When in alignment with source, we step into our true power. A state beyond the confinements of our 3D matrix. A reality where anything and everything is possible. A state of unconditional love and potential.


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