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Theories of Inquiry and Intent - The Council of Light

"To inquire is to excavate and explore. To understand that which cannot be identified or exposed, one must assimilate to a higher level of gnosis. The gnosis is a vehicle for change and transformation. The gnosis then provides a base or range from which to inquire. The inquisition is a catalyst for expansion.

The inquiry must be heartfelt in order to transmute any density. The assimilation to higher vibratory states of being, can be attributed to the heart space energetics. The energies are a mirror reflection, a palette from which to create your physical reality and external world. The outcome dependent on inquisition, frequency and intention. The intention a means by which to initialise actualisation, the frequency a means by which to secure, the inquisition a means by which to align."


The ascension path requires us to shed the many layers of density, accumulated in this life and countless others. Awakening to this knowledge can be a daunting prospect. The status quo has been to suppress, ignore and bypass the lower vibrational experiences and emotions felt. Asleep, we have unconsciously moved through life, giving our power, energy and life force away. Letting the external world dictate how we think, feel and act.

Breaking free of these limitations is no easy task. Regular self-inquiry is key. Why am I angry? Why do I doubt? Why do I feel disconnected? In sitting with these energies and questioning, we eventually uncover the root cause. Aware and heartfelt, we can process, integrate and release. Lighter we assimilate to higher states of knowledge and understanding. No longer will the external dictate, weighing heavy on our inner world. The inner world a driving force, a palette from which to create with ease and grace.


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