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Universal Continuation and Understanding (The Multiverse Explained) - Lords of The Akash

Me: How was our universe, the multiverse and conscious actualised into being?

"The universe in which we reside is birthed into being by that of another. Insofar as an existing field of consciousness had to be present. The existing field part of a complex structural formation of energy that ebbs and flows, expanding and contracting, exchanging and transforming; into that which is suitable for the expressive nature of the experiential modus operandi. The formulations and computations are the very fabric of divine expression. Insofar as it is by this coding, patterning and sequencing, that reality expands and realisation as consciousness occurs. And so the process of evolution continues.

The consciousness and the very fabric of reality inextricably linked. The existence of one without the other, a paradox fraught with conundrums, aspirational claims and theories. However, what is clear is that there is an overarching field; insofar as energy exchange takes place from one universe to another. As such information as formulations, computations and sequencing is shared, to ensure energetic efficiencies and streamlined coding is replicated."

Me: Do all universes operate under the same laws?

"The universe is unique as a computation and as such, has its own laws and structures by which the space is governed. However, the energy exchange with neighbouring universes does influence its evolutionary growth process. This allows for diversification, whilst simultaneously allowing for feedback recognition to overcome anomalies or entropy in misdirected coding."

Me: Do all the universes operate on a loved based frequency?

"All the universes operate differently. However, they all strive to be energy efficient, so they may reach their full evolutionary potential. This usually coincides with coherent energy. Coherent energy resides at a higher vibratory frequency. So the probability lends itself to a dominant loved based frequency, to use your phrase of expression."

Me: I would like to understand more about the birthing of consciousness. I know it is a complex topic (for me) but would like to understand more about the probabilities?

"Of course, this is an interesting inference about probability. The timelines as you know are always changing, fluid, never fixed. With respect of the birthing of consciousness, we believe geometry and math had to be in existence to resolve the complexity of the space; the creation and continued existence of that space as a hologram.

And so through these complex formulations and computations, consciousness realised itself and self-actualised. The birthing of consciousness will always be an enigma to a certain extent. However, the fundamentals of reality lend themselves to a probability of consciousness as an extension of geometric, numeric and coded design. The two inextricably linked in order to evolve."

Me: So to clarify, as we are in a hologram who is the projector?

"The projector is source in the sense that it is consciousness self-actualised, projecting out to understand the possibilities of its expression, as fractals of the one. And so consciousness and the multiverse are inextricably linked."


Philosophising as a young child, asking existential questions and pondering the universe, I assumed all six year olds were doing the same. This inquiry has continued throughout adulthood, acting as a key component in my own awakening. A fascination that runs deep through the very fabric of my being.

Mystifying, strange and incredibly beautiful, a multiversal structuring that birthed itself into being. An initiation sequencing that now harmonises for the all, the God Creatrix. An organic holographic simulation and coded marvel; fractalizing to experience every eventuality, probability and perspective. A unified quantum field of consciousness, striving for efficient energetic exchange and growth. In seeking such efficiencies, emanating a frequency we humans like to call 'love'. What could possibly be more perfect? Science, spirituality and mysticism unite.


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