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Transition to a Stable Timeline of Co-creation, Joy, Peace and Harmony - Lords of the Akash

"The transition is fraught with turbulence, enigmatic dogmatism and strife. That is not to say there will only be pain, as with pain there must be a period of recovery and growth. The growth leading to a New Earth era of unification and transparency.

The subjugating structures falling into disrepair, as the masses awaken to the unlawful ruling, domination and manipulation that has permeated your matrices. The byproduct of which, is only just staring to surface in the collective consciousness of understanding.

As the collective becomes ever present, they will start to assimilate to higher levels of consciousness and gnosis. In doing so, the disingenuous deeds of governing structures will be exposed at rapid pace. There will be nowhere to hide their ill gotten gains. There will be a levelling of power. Power will reside with the collective consciousness.

This will be an extremely empowering transition for humanity. There shall be no more civil unrest, no more international war. There shall be no more food and energy shortages. Abundance will reign supreme. As for transgressional structures, they shall be a thing of your linear past. A distant memory in your collective consciousness.

And so we remind you of the reasons you are on this current journey and timeline of perception and understanding. You have incarnated to experience the transition. To assist in co-creation of a brighter and transparent future; for the existing and future souls of Earth and Mother Gaia herself.

Dear child of Gaia, do not feel alone in this transitional period. You have the support of the entire universe and more. You are a force to be reckoned with and unified you shall flourish and evolve; into that which is much greater than the sum of your parts."


Recently feeling exasperated with the global state of affairs, I've been question everything. The energy and food crisis, potential war; orchestrated by key global players. All guilty, all with ulterior motives. A strategic, falsified and elaborate narrative fed to the collective but to what end?

A corrupt medical system, dominated by pharmaceutical companies, bottom line profit, political allegiances and investment. Money, greed, power, war, world domination. We have heard it all before.

A collective energy we all must move through. Frustrated at the level of deception and the collective's inability to see beyond the veil, I wanted to scream at the injustice. Of course this was a perception blurred by raw emotion, nevertheless, I wondered why so much pain? What was the point in it all?

Needing the reminder, the Lords of the Akash delivered. We chose this timeline, knowing our soul had something to give; to assist, to serve, to love. We chose this timeline knowing we had something to gain; to evolve, to experience, to heal. In doing so, co-creating a better future for Mother Gaia and humanity as a whole.


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