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Transience - The Council of Light

"Transience is the beauty of life and must not be underestimated or taken for granted. Transience is a modality in which one can grow and evolve. Transience has the power to overcome any momentary state of being.

The beauty of transience lies it its impermanence. Transience is integral to the very fabric of multi-dimensional experience and reality. Transience is a vehicle for change, when coupled with heartfelt intention. The key to unlocking its beauty is our perception and present moment awareness.

To instil a moment with gratitude, whilst remembering all experiences are transient, will allow you to overcome the most difficult challenges and hardships faced.

Transience is a universal mechanism that allows for evolution on the macro and micro scale. Its impermanence constantly signifying change, allowing for new experiences and developments. And so the soul, the universe, the everything is constantly in a state of growth and expansion."


In the midst of a challenging situation, a much needed reminder of the impermanence of all experiences. Serving to calm my distress and ponder the many benefits and beauty transience brings. A flower, the setting sun, a changing season, all signifying change.

Finding myself grateful for the beauty all around me, my vibration rose, as the supportive light enveloped me. Surrendering to the light, in a place of acceptance, understanding the bigger picture and lesson.

Grateful for the guidance, insight and support I was receiving, a sense of peace washed over me. Like all experiences, good or bad, our challenges are momentary. There is beauty and strength in this knowing.


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