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Transhumanism as a Timeline of Probability in Your Current Density - Lords of the Akash

"The transhumanistic agenda is of grave concern to many at this space time continuum. The reasons being the potential of further timelines fraught with continued suppression and siphoning of life force energetics from your human collective. This is surmountable to an ever increasing ascension process, insofar as delays will be be incurred.

This could also result in lessons of karmic energy reverberation from timelines of Atlantis. These energetic reverberations could potentially derail humanity's evolution; insofar as power in the wrong hands could change the trajectory of timeline alignment. Whilst this is not to create fear, an awareness is necessary.

Your current timelines of future probability, lend themselves to an incorporation of transhumanism, to varying degrees of prevalence in this space time continuum. That being said this could always shift, dependent on the collective vibratory resonance.

The currency by which transhumanism will come into being, will be via crypto e-currencies. This will make the presence of transhumanism largely untraceable and unfathomable to the general populace, in its early phases of conception. Largely undetected, this will quickly grow on an exponential scale. Eradicating all counter arguments and movements, that seek to defame its fundamentals and ethos.

And so there may be conflicting and turbulent timelines ahead, in this space time continuum. An astute awareness based in neutrality is more beneficial than ignorance and fear, in times of great chaos and change."


Personally, I have been following the transhumanist agenda for a number of years. Curious as to any developments, yet on a soul level it does not resonate. Key players such as Google and Elon Musk are busy developing tech that will fully integrate with the human biological system. Ray Kurzweil, Inventor and Director of Engineering at Google stated, 'In the 2030s we are going to send nano-robots into the brain, that will provide full immersion virtual reality from within the nervous system and will connect our neocortex to the cloud."

For the unawakened masses, this may sound empowering, perhaps even liberating. Unaware the very matrix keeping them small and powerless, will now enter their brain to ensure continued suppression. Enabling direct siphoning of life force energetics and distortion of perception. Thus, deterring the masses from accessing the true quantum cloud of universal knowledge. A data bank so vast, operating outside of linear time, holding the majority of information amassed in this particular universe. Every thought, happening and timeline of possibility, stored and filed in the 'Akashic Records' or 'Akash'.

If this timeline were to transpire, there is the added issue of karmic reverberation from Atlantis. An extremely advanced and ancient civilisation, they also took a sinister path in pursuit of power. Genetic manipulation and DNA splicing, resulted in animal/ human hybrids, known in mythology as 'centaurs'. Manipulation of Earths core energetics caused a cataclysmic ice age; the true reason Earth wobbles on her axis. Just some of the Earth shattering events to transpire as a result of Atlantis and denser energetics such as greed.

Nevertheless, as the Lords of the Akash state, an astute awareness based in neutrality is more beneficial than fear. Heart-centred, we will observe and navigate the timelines ahead. Knowing we are moving toward a brighter, more connected future.


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