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Transgressional Utopia and Austerity Measures in Your Societal Structuring - Lords of The Akash

"The wheels of motion have been turning in a direction prohibitive of change, void of transparency, littered with falsehoods and narratives. This concoction creating a guise, a veil from which to operate. Insofar as the masses have been fed an illusion, whilst oppression operates supreme at every turn, junction and mode of beingness.

That being said the situation is lifting to illuminate that which has been hidden in the shadows of your societal structuring. The epitome of public and financial discourse, allowing for at the very least, watered down half truths to propagate and substantiate falsehoods. This allows for the reverberation of dense energetics through your collective consciousness and hologram. Undulations of fear, doubt and turmoil echoed throughout the mass consciousness and mainstream media narrative. This results in the emergence of a transgressional utopia.

The utopia acting as a veil from which to assert the transgressions and blindside the public and status quo. This acts as a constraint on consciousness, as humanity believes it is at the pinnacle of consciousness evolution. And so there is no need to question the modus operandi or the reality you have been presented with and become accustomed. And so we have a civilisation that has been so blindsided as to its own position in the universe, it cannot conceive of anything greater than the sum of its parts. Insofar as there is no knowledge greater that that possessed and attained by mankind, on your earthly sphere of existence and understanding.

And so at the centre of this perplexing reality, fraught with conflicting evidence of supposed truths, half truths and constraint, is a universal truth. A truth that will never be veiled to the extent in which you have been subjected these last 12,000 linear years. There shall be a reckoning of the scales as people begin to realise the divinity within.

No longer will the external dictate the level of knowledge and understanding a collective can obtain. No longer will there be scarcity on a planet filled with abundance. No longer shall there be war, as a concentrated display of a wealth and power. No longer will the people give credence to the structures that have suppressed their evolutionary path. No longer shall humanity be isolated from one another, from their galactic counterparts, star families and families of light. A new frontier, an extended horizon, a New Earth era of divine understanding and connection."


Resisting neat categorisation of utopia/dystopia, we operate in a society that projects utopia but instills fear and lack.

Sure we may have wars, inequality and disease but we have military forces to 'protect us', democracy to 'represent us' and pharmaceutical companies to 'heal us'. These 'utopian' structures providing mere glimpses of hope, to an exasperated society contemplating the state of affairs.

With an absence of advanced civilisations to lead by example, we are presented with a narrative of utopia by default. At the supposed forefront of evolution, an improved version of society simply does not exist.

As with any transgressive utopia, transparency is lacking. Transgressions are carried out in the shadows, whilst mainstream media propagates the desired narrative. A capping of consciousness, hiding suppression, upholding disconnection and hampering the evolutionary ascension process.

A giant indoctrination programme, placing emphasis on the illusive external. However, the wheels of motion are rapidly changing direction. Open hearted, present and curious; together we shall rise, our divinity illuminating the way.


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