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Transgressional Structures - Role in Societal Perception and Understanding - The Council of Light

"Transgressional structures by and large are the very fabric of your 3D matrices. Corporate conglomerates, state control and hierarchical structuring ensures that the masses are subdued, tamed and cooperative. The system creates a guise from which to operate and ensures compliancy and submissiveness. There may be those that speak out against the transgressions underpinning societal structures and the supposed rule of law in which you are governed. However, they are met with resistance, silenced or defamed to ensure loss of credibility.

And so we pose a conundrum as to how your civilisation will indeed break free of this cycle of oppression and tyranny. The answer lies in the depths of each individual soul incarnate at this time space. To decipher the coding and energetic sequencing, to harness their true potential in this particular soul expression. To acclimate and assimilate to higher levels of gnosis, states of awareness and vibratory resonance. This in turn will liberate and deconstruct the very structures keeping humanity small and powerless. Through higher states of awareness, consciousness evolves. The structures that once bound humanity lose their relevance, meaning and hold.

And so we depart with a message of hope amongst the chaos. Hope, insofar as change is on the horizon on you planetary sphere, space time continuum. No longer will oppression reign. A new dawn, a New Earth era will emerge from the shadows in which it was held.

Divine light illuminating the unseen, unknown and hidden knowledge; the realms of existence and infinite possibilities made available to you. And so humanity will be prosperous in their unwavering pursuit of evolutionary consciousness."


The topic of a transgressional structures and their role in the capping of consciousness is explored in previous posts. Dictating what we perceive to be true and the knowledge we can access; we are a civilisation forever kept in the shadows. Ironic given the widely held belief, we are the pinnacle of evolution and information exchange. A seemingly never ending cycle, with 1% of the population holding the power to oppress, censor and distort for their own ends. A pyramid structure incorporating other worldly energetics and consciousness, as the ultimate driving force.

A cycle only broken at the grass roots level by each and every soul. No longer must we look to the external for answers. No longer must we blindly follow the status quo. No longer must we unconsciously move through life, hemmed in by societal structures keeping us small. A different choice, a change in perception; we open to a world of infinite possibility. Together we unite, together we ascend, together we move to higher states of consciousness.


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