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Timeline Collision, Entropy of Mass Coding & Timeline Trajectory - Lords of the Akash

"Timeline collision as you are aware, is the phenomena of holographic modelling as timelines, intersecting to create a shared experience. This phenomena ensures that you are not running completely in silos within your projected reality. The reality intertwining with another as collision occurs. The realities inextricably linked through shared consciousness awareness.

The timeline trajectory, placement and orientation can hinder or propel an individual forward. And so it is tantamount one recognises where they place their energy. Insofar as who they spend their time with and what information they share.

Entropy at the mass consciousness level can manifest in numerous different ways. Coding and sequencing is changed, reconfigured and distorted to emit frequencies more resonant with lower vibrational through put and wave configuration. Thus, resulting in timeline reconfiguration. The by-product of which resulting in lower timeline trajectory.

And so we depart with a reminder that timeline trajectory is fraught with conundrums, anomalies as entropy or misdirected coding; alongside outright manipulation and sabotage within your current space time continuum. This awareness will allow you to navigate the ever changing sea of timelines throughout the ascension process; and transitional period of great change and understanding."


Operating in a quantum morphogenetic holographic field, everything is connected with consciousness as primary. As the source of our perceived reality, we project out to change, manipulate and create within the hologram. Each individual, the 'soul' creator of their entire reality, processing and assimilating informational coding of the quantum field.

In a field of infinite potential, every possibility or timeline exists. Creating our own vibrational realities, our friends and family will have differing timeline trajectories. Operating in a matrix with oppressive structuring, modelling and sequencing, awareness is key.

The media we consume, TV shows, music, company we keep; all having direct impact on our vibration and subsequent timeline potential. If something feels 'off' take note. Our energy field is sacred, our vibration unique. Before sharing energy or information; in a sea of chaos, consider the timeline implications.

Despite the challenges we will ascend. Every challenge a lesson learned, every success a timeline secured, every experience an opportunity to grow.


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