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The Star of Bethlehem - The Legions of Light

"The star of Bethlehem was coding. It was there to guide those who needed to be near Jesus in order to activate him and share coding. This was a field anomaly programmed into your matrix to ensure activation, catalysing the great awakening of the space time.

The programmed anomaly was indeed a field of coded information with frequential resonance. Only those resonating at its frequency were able to perceive it. The vibratory undulation in the field, emitted as a result of the code, allowed not only safe passage of Jesus, in respect of entry into your matrices; but also allowed for feedback recognition loops to higher dimensional planes of existence. And so a presence was felt, a presence of extraordinary higher dimensional light to all in attendance at Jesus' birth.

That being said, there were those who tried to sabotage this experiential wave light expression. They were aware of the monumental and profound impact that Jesus would have. They too wished to derail the ascension process for the whole of humanity. And so great precautionary measures, in the form of a high vibrational field, were necessary to ensure safe passage into your matrices and plane of existence.

The story of Yeshua has been told many times over. He has been accredited with a god like status in your collective mind and matrices. However, he is but a soul. A soul that garnered the attention and hearts of many other souls, for the purpose of divine unification and love on your earthly plane of existence.

There was no other intention than to serve humanity. A collective that was oppressed by external forces, kept in the shadows, in need of illumination. It is with this illumination that humanity will know peace, love and joy on your earthly plane of existence.

And so we depart with a vibration of divine unity to all who receive this transmission and beyond. Peace be with you all at this space time."


A vibrational transmission, take a moment to deep breathe into the heightened frequential energies that envelope you. The deeper and slower the breath, the stronger the sensation. Gratitude intensifying the whole experience.

Having always wondered about the Star of Bethlehem, upon my awakening, I considered an extra terrestrial ship perhaps. Having many paranormal experiences since childhood, this made sense to me. Perhaps the focus a little too material; in actuality the culprit was programmable quantum code.

Coding so unique, only those in resonance could see it. The further we walk the ascension path, the deeper we can decode the quantum field. As bio-computational beings we interact with a field of coded complexity. Layers, vortices, compartments and undulations, compile to make an ocean of frequential code, as information. Dependent on our level of consciousness, we too can code/ decode the quantum field as we see fit.

The star not only providing safe entrance for Jesus with its high vibrational field, but also feedback recognition to higher dimensions. Feedback recognition, integral to the quantum field and the very basis of our evolution. It is the process of quantum learning.

Information as code is fed back to promote learning, in order to achieve the most streamlined and efficient outcome. The streamlined code is then replicated, maximising efficiencies throughout the entirety of the whole or the universe for example. Our ascension on Earth, a process of feedback recognition. Until we eventually harmonise and unify collectively, into streamlined efficient coding.

Source Infinite Eternal, the one, the many, has a birds-eye visual of the omniversal code in its entirety. However, operating in a unified holographic field, as fractals of Source, we can access the infinite field. We simply need to shed the fear, the constraints, the ego. Diving deep within, we too can decode the quantum ocean of infinite potential.


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