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The Means by Which to Establish Freedom (Service to Others) - The Council of Nine

"The means by which to establish freedom may come at a price for many on your planetary sphere. The challenges you are up against may seem inconsequential to your evolution. Indeed they may be perceived as hindering your growth process. An inconvenience, delaying the inevitable ascension process.

Must we remind you, it is these challenges that bring about great change for your collective. These challenges on the precipice of change, propel your collective forward. In doing so, speeding up, not hindering the ascension process.

And so dear child of Gaia, the challenges must be viewed with a different lens, a broader horizon from which to view. We note that in the midst of chaos, this may be easier said than done. Which is why we do not judge. Simply remind you that your light, your essence; is all that you require to stabilise.

Retreating inward will provide the balance, support and love you require. The by-product of which then reflected in your external reality. The consequence of which translates to higher timeline trajectory and alignment to the divine god consciousness. In alignment to this vibratory frequency, more soul essence will permeate your energetic field expression.

More soul essence results in vitality, wisdom and service to others. It is through service to others that the soul can truly express and evolve, into that which is much greater than the sum of its parts."


Recently all too aware of the collective dense energy, a much needed download, a change of perspective. As empaths, sometimes it can be difficult to operate on this plane of existence. Absorbing collective energy as if it were our own. Allowing the chaos to take hold, we can spiral into free fall.

Once felt we cannot bypass these energies. We can and will move through them. Transient in nature, this soon will come to pass. Pondering service or 'dharma', the Sanskrit word for one's lifelong duty, I considered the souls that were suffering. I considered how I may help them. Noting the simple things in my life, I became grateful. I became expansive. Connected, my focus shifted from density to dharma. My vibration rising with the influx of light.


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