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The Lion's Gate 8/8 Vortices - Harness the Energetics Within (Manifestation) - Lords of the Akash

"The Lions Gate vortices is a happening that is celebrated as an auspicious event, that will propel your collective and the individual to new heights of illumination; if non attachment and alignment are present.

It is a misnomer that manifestation is a means to get what you want in life, rather it is a means to get what you require in order to evolve. It is by this examination that one truly understands the beneficiality, that is manifestation.

You are not focusing on the material when you are manifesting, you are to focus on the evolution of your soul incarnate. This in turn will lead to overall growth and happiness as a by-product of this growth. That is not to say we do not value happiness, peace and joy. Rather we wish to draw your attention to the means and mechanisms by which to achieve it.

There may be some individuals who are in great distress as we move through this vortices of energy. There may be others who are in a flow state of alignment, moving through this with ease and grace, at this time space continuum. As such, a level of discernment is required when sharing your energies in this extremely heightened transit period.

That is not to say you must be mistrusting and paranoid, as this will lower vibratory resonance and timeline alignment. And so we conclude with and awareness of ones own energetics. This will benefit timeline trajectory and ensure the overall transit experience is one of ease and grace in your space time continuum."


With the height of the energetic portal vast approaching, alignment and vibratory resonance is necessary to secure your highest timeliness. Non attachment and neutrality is key. Whilst we may want more money, improved health, better relationships; focusing on the material will only hinder the process.

Instead we must consider our individual and collective evolutionary growth. Collectively we may hold intentions for awakening, liberation or supportive energies to those who are suffering. Individually, self inquiry is essential. What is the underlying reason for wanting more money? How will this make me grow? What will this enable me to achieve? Will this enable me to assist others? This inquiry leads to higher vibratory resonance and unearths the root cause of a superficial want.

With the Schumann Resonance spiking, you may have noticed increasingly meaningful and/ or inter-dimensional dreams. Downloads are happening in our sleep. Density and unresolved energetic cycles are surfacing to clear. Every dream showing us where we must focus. Restless nights can be circumvented with increased meditation. Lower frequency hertz and shamanic drumming, are particularly useful sounds to ground in heightened energetic transits.

Finally, heart centred, discernment regard the company we keep is necessary. Incoherence is an inevitable by-product of such an intense transit. Boundaries, recalling energy and compassion for those in distress, will assist in heightened timeline trajectory.

Whatever happens, know that you are right where you need to be. All experience has purpose and must be valued for the evolutionary growth it provides. There is no right or wrong, no good or bad; only an understanding that we seek to evolve. Happy Lion's Gate... see you on the other side!


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