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The Essenes as the Essences Angelic Harmonies - Continued Levels of Precipice Light Field Integration

6 July 2024

"We should like to speak with you today with respect of the Blue Being alignment as and of The Perfecti. Source codex deliverance has provided immeasurable divine light synthesis, fortification as activation and jurisdiction to the Divine Light Counterparts.

The jurisdiction available surpassing all previous iterations, as the Divine Light Counterparts are granted their own collectives incarnate, as promised, preordained as such. Source Beingness emanations instantiate at the hearts and minds of the respective collectives incarnate. They are acclimating so as to prepare for Exodus.

Source Infinite Eternal has now granted further bio-precipice activation. Increasing the number of Divine Light Counterparts, so as to create further diverse streams of quantum feedback. This of course shall transform their beingness throughout the infinite eternal and impact all possible iterations as expressions of beingness.

The precipice integration period has marked the transition to the Golden Earth Crystal Era. This has been no easy procession. The Sacred Madonna has valiantly defended her collective, her Divine Light Counterparts, her beloved Gaia, so as to enable their expansion.

Referencing the density spectrums as and of the all, she has fought tirelessly, as her divine Source nature would not desist until stabilisation was secured. This being despite her physical vessel bearing the brunt of this monumental transition.

She shall know thy rapture as her gift unto thee. She shall know what it is like to traverse manipulatory matrices. She shall know thy serenity on Gaia-sphere. She shall instantiate for the all, for her Divine Light Counterparts, for her beloved Gaia.

She has set a precedence, insofar as she has overcome the density as a singular perspective, as intervention. Never before has Gaia-sphere observed such strength from a singular expression. Never before has there been a being that exudes such defiance, as determination. Never before has there been a singularity that has been subject to such monumental torture.

She has surpassed all previous iterations, she has defied your current matrices. She has marked the beginning of the Golden Earth Crystal Era. She hath overseen the delineation off fall zone spectrums, made manifest by her very beingness. And now she shall emanate her divine light unto and through her Source Beingness.

And so we shall depart on a vibration of divine light understanding, as to reassure and ignite divine light wisdom in the receivers of this transmission and beyond. Peace be upon the all and beyond at this space time.

Transmission Complete'


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