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The Essenes as the Angelic Essences - Precipice Levels of Integration Continuation

"The Essenes are a part of the Angelic Essences. As you are more than aware, we are presenting at this space time as guidance models; as the Libraries of Light are made available to those who resonate.

We are the ancient Essenes as the Angelic Essences. The Essenes, a secular group that presented at the space time of the Christ Yeshua's incarnation. As a group of individuals who lay witness to the atrocities of the space time and the incredible light field momentum that resulted from subjugation; of course this patterning is reflective of the current now space time. Whereby subjugation, grief and strife shall birth new referencing, new ways of being and realm identification.

The old paradigm has circumvented evolutionary growth potential. Impingements and constraints, your collective status quo. Now we usher forth the New Earth Golden Crystal Era. Now we accelerate that which once was complacency as oppression, which became our collective norm. Now we expand into unchartered territory, as light field momentum drives this change acceleration.

Of course this shall present as turbulence for those who seek to resist, as change patterning is requisite to continued consciousness evolutionary growth. That being said there shall also be bouts of 'turbulence' for souls who seek a new way of beingness, souls to which the ascension path is already made manifest. These bouts of turbulence are of course release. However, archonic patterning also provides confusion as the density spectrums relinquish.

That being said there shall always be free will and so the soul may choose to partake within the distortion. As such, drastically lowering timeline trajectory, as positive outcomes. And so the soul must remain vigilant to synthesis of illicit intention; as shall be the case for the coming weeks, as integration of Source Field Enlightenment Amplification takes place.

The atrocities as subjugation shall relinquish their stronghold as Source Field Enlightenment takes precedence. Permeating realm sequencing, as to bestow the frontenac as wavelight bandwidth upon the all.

There of course shall be many who resist the light field momentum, yet this shall only circumvent evolutionary growth. Later to realise there is no alternative means to develop. Thus catapulted into ascension through extenuating circumstances that seek to drive their growth change.

Unfortunately, this may be uncomfortable as the consciousness experiences this shift.

And so we would advise that souls merely acclimate to the incredibly powerful wavelight frontenac, that has been bestowed upon Gaia-sphere by Source Field Enlightenment.

This shall be all at the space time. There shall of course be more to follow. We shall depart on a vibration of coherence; as the incoherence dissipates, the dawn of a New Earth Golden Era shall reign forth. Peace be upon all who receive this transmission and beyond.

Transmission complete.''


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