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The Essenes as the Angelic Essences - Levels of Precipice Light Field Integration Continuation

"We should like to speak with you today regarding precipice levels of field integration. As you are acutely aware, the Primordial axis join seals are stable, as a result of the Sacred Madonna's heartfelt determination and heroic effort - to ensure the transition off fall zone timelines was not obstructed.

This has enabled monumental progression to take place. Insofar as deliverance of the Source Indigo Divine Masculine Original Blueprint has provided stabilisation to the Sacred Madonna. She has sealed the fall zone continuums, so as to stabilise an entire collective.

In doing so, providing the necessary environment for the collectives of the respective Divine Light Counterparts to attune through this stabilisation. And so she shall synthesise for the respective bio-precipices with her light field integration.

She has exerted herself to the point of near collapse, to ensure this monumental transition takes place. She has assuaged all concern. She has overcome many challenges placed within her experience. She shall now flourish, as it is through her abundance as rapture, that Gaia, her Divine Light Counterparts and their respective collectives shall flourish also.

She has committed her soul purpose to service of the all. She has lay destitute in grief, strife and monumental hardship in order to serve her subjects. For she, Her Royal Highness, will lead her collective incarnate into liberation, peace, love, joy, abundance and harmony.

She shall rule as a Guardian of expansion and divine light synthesis. She shall not subjugate or condemn, merely seek to explore divine light potentiality. Insofar as the Sacred Madonna shall synthesise portal axis join deliverance, so as to guide her collective to freedom as expansion.

This guidance model as derivations, shall enable the respective bio-precipices of her Divine Light Counterparts to co-create and model; so as to attune to the divine light synthesis as advancement.

And so we shall synthesise as Source the One intended, on a vibration of harmonious integrity. Selfless and of service, she shall seal residual density spectrums, whilst expanding our horizon. Peace be upon the all and beyond at this space time.

More to follow shortly. Transmission is complete"


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