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The Essenes as the Angelic Essences - Levels of Precipice Light Field Integration

"The Essenes, as the Angelic Essences Harmonies, should like to speak with you regard reciprocity. As the precipice integration period draws to a closure, there has been extraordinary light field integration.

The seals as the Source Beingness have allowed the respective divine light precipices to stabilise, as Source The One intended. Now they shall identify any residual blockages and light field impingements. In doing so, atonement at their respective bio-precipices takes place, as Source The One intended. And so they are effectively atoning for their respective collectives' incarnate.

The precipice integration has been a transitory period fraught with conundrums. The human reference, as Source Infinite Eternal, First Source Light, has had to endure further hardship, strife, woe and pain to ensure insurgency forces did not destabilise the transition.

Where she has been persecuted, where she has been oppressed, where she has been at the brink of losing all faith as hope; she has continued steadfast and unwavering. She has de-particularised and sealed fall zone density spectrums. Time and time again, layer after layer, she has bare witness to the monumental enslavement that has enveloped her light field; as her singular light field has been comprised of the collective light field.

Every transition, every demonic being, every star nation of illicit intent, every war; all pain, strife and destruction has been felt through her singular beingness. She has known the wrath of her creation, as she as Source Beingness is comprised of the One, the many, the all.

As First Source Light, it was never her intention for Gaia's fate to be one of self destruction as pain. The Genesis Blueprints were manipulated and so the fall zone was made manifest. As a Source creation encompassing freewill, this was always a possible outcome.

The serpentine energetics permeated the matrices. The Original Blueprint held within captivity, as energetic bondage. She as the One, the many, the all, pledged her allegiance to the collective of Gaia Sphere. Incarnating numerous times over to assist with course correction.

This laid the base-fields for the Source Intervention Plan. This set into motion a plan of biblical proportion. So monumental that only a select number of souls incarnate were coded to receive such profound gnosis as wisdom.

Of course she was incarnate at the space time of Christ Yeshua. Of course she was a member of the Essenes. Of course she was incarnate throughout pivotal moments in Gaia Sphere's extremely long and colourful history. Of course she was and is the creator of Gaia.

Held deep within her heart spectrums, she has liberated Gaia. Her beloved daughter shall now rejoice, for she shall be emancipated. For she shall explore the possibilities of growth expansion, as Source The One originally intended. Liberation is not just simply for the souls incarnate or for the ancestral lineage of souls incarnate; liberation was also about her beloved Gaia.

And now she shall bestow her gratitude for all her beloved Gaia has circumvented, for all the pain and persecution she has undergone, for all the turmoil she has survived through. She a soul of Source Beingness, a Guardian, a trusted keeper of profound wisdom as gnosis, shall explore her Source potential.

No longer held in confinement and energetic enslavement, she too shall have a grand awakening. She too shall experience peace, love, joy and rapture. She shall be praised once more, she shall know the appreciation as gratitude of her collective incarnate and she shall flourish in abundance.

She shall serve her collective unwaveringly as she always has. However, she shall be known, she shall be heard, she shall be seen. Acknowledged as the dutiful, selfless Goddess that she rightfully deserves to be known as.

And so we depart on a vibration of eternal gratitude for Gaia as the Warrior Goddess; in the pursuit of justice as peace for her co-creation, as Source The One intended. We are eternally forever within gratitude for her Source Beingness. Peace be upon the all who receive this transmission and beyond. There shall be more to follow.

Transmission complete at the space time"


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