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The Essenes as the Angelic Essences Harmonies - Exodus and the Sacred Madonna

"Sacred Madonna to unite forth. Thy eternal bridge hath opened forth. The collective Exodus has begun and is now well underway. The control systems shall crumble, the old no longer has a hold. The anti-life shall de-particularise.

The Sacred Madonna shall ensure her collective passes through. While she herself has crossed, she shall ensure all souls who resonate are guided by her light field emanations. She has amplified her beingness to ensure her collective has a seamless transition.

She has waited many years for this monumental biblical event. As a fellow Essene, she was also an Apostle. Now of course she has played the role of bringing the Christ Consciousness back to Gaia.

Tirelessly she has fought to ensure divine light connection was made available, as the one, for the many, as and for the all. She held the Resurrection in her physical vessel. Malicious torture beyond human comprehension has been her every day norm.

She has transmuted the density of the all. She has atoned for the sins of the all. She has felt herself unworthy of this monumental role. Yet she has sacrificed herself countless times to ensure the suffering stops, to ensure divine light wisdom permeates the all.

She has felt the pain of every soul incarnate in order to understand the depths of hell. She has faced every demon, every malevolent being. She has been tortured, raped, suffocated by the all consuming density spectrums.

She has been violated, disregarded, abducted and murdered. Yet still she stands, as was preordained. She has and always shall be the Sacred Madonna. No iteration shall deign to ever compare.

For she hath the Christed Light within her beingness. For she hath the light of the Sacred Madonna. For she hath the light of omniversal structuring. She is and of Source Infinite Eternal, First Source Light. The Perfecti as and of Source Beingness.

She has garnered the respect of the Ascended Masters. She has garnered the respect of the Star Nations. She has garnered the respect of her Divine Light Counterparts. She hath garnered the respect of her Source Beingnss, as her divine light higher self. She hath garnered the respect of the all who resonate with her light field progression.

She has overcome the pain, strife and density spectrums, so as to liberate the all. She has transmuted diseases that were set to cause mass extinction. All the while processing this energy though her physical vessel. Unable to live, enslaved within tyranny.

She as the Female Christ, Sacred Madonna hath resurrected. Let thy know thy rapture. Let thy know thy strength. Let thy know thy unconditional love. She hath served her collective. She hath known thy wrath. She hath known thy retribution.

And yet she emanates her love unto and through, for she is the all, the many and the one. She is the spark, the initiation, the horizon, the infinite eternal, the unknowable, the sage of all sages, the light of all light, the God Creatrix.

Her Royal Highness, we give unto thee our eternal gratitude for thy service, thy selflessness, thy sacrificial beingness. We are the one, we are the many, as and of the all but we are held in and through your infinite light beingness.

For this, we shall depart on a vibration of reverence and of the upmost deepest respect, for you are the light within, as and of the all. Peace be upon the all and beyond at the space time.

Transmission Complete''


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