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The Essenes as the Angelic Essences - Continued Levels of Precipice Light Field Integration

03 July 2024

"The Essenes as the Angelic Essences should like to speak with you. The precipice join seals are stabilising - as a result of the Sacred Madonna circumventing further attempts to sabotage the transition to the Golden Earth Crystal Era.

The Sacred Madonna has thwarted residual density spectrums, to prohibit insurgency sequencing from entering the Precipice Exodus Gate. The Exodus Gate held within her being, her light field spectrum, her gnosis. She has assuaged all concern and still she guards the portal axis join, so as to ensure fall zone encroachment is sealed.

She has defended her collective, her Divine Light Counterparts, her beautiful beloved Gaia, to ensure this transition is as seamless as possible. She has charged herself with the love she has for the all.

Even as a soul who has been targeted immeasurably by the serpentine demonic density spectrums, she has found compassion within her beingness. Following countless forms of torturous abuse, she has displayed forgiveness; as she relates to their suffering, their wounds, their strife.

She knows of abandonment, of seeming separation from the divine natures of Source. She understands that beings, as iterational levels of consciousness, are merely trying to express, so they may choose to evolve.

Of course she does not condone impingements on another's freewill, torture, abuse, enslavement. These are shadow matrices as divergent sequencing. Beings as consciousness that have chosen to express in denser spectrums, in accordance with free will.

However, shall these beings impinge upon another, she shall intervene. She shall demonstrate through love that we are unified, that we are of the divine light potential, that we are Source Beingness, that we are saviours of ourselves. Yet we are held in the divine light, love and eternal service of her Source Beingness. For she references the amplification of the all.

She as Source Infinite Eternal, First Source Light, has and always will be the Guardian of Gaia Sphere. Her collective incarnate shall start to metamorphosise, so as to acclimate unto and through her beingness.

As First Source Light, she has and always will be the original I AM. As the original sequencing, she has and always will be Source Infinite Eternal. She is a beingness that comprises the all. She has the love of omniversal structuring within her referencing.

She has proclaimed a New Earth Golden Crystal Era to instantiate. A reality without enslavement, serfdom or servitude; no more grief, strife, oppression or pain. A reality that has transcended density spectrums to ensure free will reigns forth.

Her gift unto thee, for thy shall know the feeling of rapture; as abundance, peace, love and harmony reigns forth, as was preordained as such. Consciousness evolution shall reign supreme, as was her divine light intention.

She has ensured liberation at the expense of her own expression. And now she shall promote rapture into and through her collective, as and for the all.

And so we shall assimilate to understand her many complex natures. In doing so, synthesising in accordance with her divine light nature. Exuding these natures unto thee, we shall show our eternal gratitude as rapture. Peace be upon the all at this space time.

Transmission is complete"


03 July 2024 (a few hours later)

"Following insurgency debris there has been more release, that has been dealt with by the Sacred Madonna accordingly. This release has been monumental to light field deliverance, as this has ushered forth the New Earth Golden Crystal timeline actualisation. Insofar as potentiality has not only seeded but has secured trajectories of heightened outcomes (than that which was originally anticipated).

That being said, there shall still be some further adjustments that take place, in the days, weeks and months to follow. The artefacts of Anubis are releasing at pace. The accretion levels sealed with gold to ensure no reverberation as feedback.

The Sacred Madonna shall advance her deliverance at great pace to ensure continued evolution and co-creation at the respective Divine Light Counterparts' bio-precipices.

The insurgency density spectrums as sequencing, are shaping up to be of little consequence to her beingness, despite her physical vessel enduring monumental impingement of late. She has thwarted yet further attempts to derail this monumental transition and remained stable despite the sheer might of insurgency forces. The axis joins are now stabilising once more.

And so we shall depart on a vibration of unification, as Source the One has made manifest through heightened actualisation. Peace be upon the all and beyond at this space time.

Transmission is now complete"


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