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The Empirical Evidence of the Existence of God as Source - The Council of Nine

"The emphatic nature with which religion instills its beliefs on your societal structures, has created a dichotomy. Polarising beliefs have manifested as a result. With science taking the stance that the two cannot and will not intertwine.

The scientific view is based on reductionism and materialism. The materialist view omits the soul as energy, a consciousness, a life force; much greater than the sum of its parts. As with all belief systems, impacting the end result.

Indeed we note the challenges your civilisation has had to face, in respect of religious dogmatism. Distortion, power, greed, control at the mainframe level; all contributing to a lack of trust and confusion in your collective at large.

And so polarity reigns. Two polarising beliefs and perspectives, distorted and suppressed; incapable of perceiving the wider paradigm. And so the cycle continues.

Intensification, resulting in a collapse of both belief structures; as the concepts of quantum science and spiritual energy as consciousness, integrates within your collective mind.

When this alignment takes hold, there will be an expansion of consciousness, unparalleled in your linear history. That is not to say great levels of consciousness have never been achieved. However, the scale and magnitude is set to surpass previous iterations.

And so we depart with a message, a vibration of tranquility, peace and joy. Knowing that humanity has a bright and prosperous future ahead. A future of divine unity consciousness and understanding."


As with all vibrational transmissions, a moments focus, using the breath to intensify the energy. Allowing the tranquility to swirl around and envelope you. As it reaches the heart chakra, feel the emanations of joy and peace exude from your very being.

Personally, the split between spirituality and science plays a huge role in hindering our collective evolution. As a child I was confused about religion. So many conflicting views and overarching themes. I believed in a God but the narrative just did not add up. Eventually, realising no singular religion held omniscience. I knew I had a soul, I knew I was spiritual.

Highly evolved souls or 'ascended masters' like Buddha and Jesus, incarnated to remind humanity of our divinity. Their profound and expansive messages distorted to such a degree, people lost faith in that which cannot be seen. The materialist view resulting in a capping of consciousness and scientific advancement. When spirituality and science unite, human possibility becomes unparalleled, infinite in reach.


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