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The Doubting Mind - The Council of Light

"The doubts formed in ones mind are akin to attachment. They are both a form of resistance, to the natural state of being and flow. To attach oneself to an outcome, merely strives to place joy, as energy elsewhere.

To place joy elsewhere, is a disservice to the now moment and ones current state of being. The doubt you feel is of a similar causal chain. Insofar as energy is misdirected, leading to fractalization and disservice to the now and your current state of being.

You must therefore endeavour to inquire and excavate on a regular basis, to ensure energy remains in a state of homogeny and directed focus. This will lead to transformative results in both a physical and non physical way. The energy will then manipulate and shape your current reality in ways you did not anticipate or could conceive.

This will lead to exponential growth and expansion. This will allow you to heal, grow and evolve into a higher vibratory resonance and version of yourself. A version where peace, love and abundance is free flowing."


Conditioned to search outside of ourselves for happiness, we have all formed unhealthy attachments. Focusing on these attachments, from a linear perspective, we subconsciously place energy in the past or future. A distraction from the now, our internal world and emotions; we hinder our growth potential.

Similarly doubt, a discordant energy creating misplaced focus, also serves to keep up small. When we address our internal world, our energy becomes coherent and expansive. Attracting experiences and people in alignment with our frequency, the external reflects the internal. Our reality becomes peaceful, loving and abundant.


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