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Current Climate & Developmental Change - Pleiadian Council Universal Understanding Human Acclimation

"There is a seismic shift occurring in your magnetosphere. This will manifest as many differing events on your planetary body and grid systems, over the coming weeks and years. Those in fear, doubt and resentment, will unfortunately find this transition incredibly challenging. Those in love, gratitude and flow will move through this with ease and grace.

The current shift will affect individuals on a cellular level, in order to to attune and acclimate to the increased light quotation. This will manifest as ill health and imbalance in the bioenergetic field. There shall be much confusion as to the cause of these symptoms, amongst the medical community and collective at large.

There shall be a seismic shift regarding our genetic makeup and bimolecular understanding. This will lead to new approaches to healing, propagating new ways of being. These new found ways of being, will support higher vibratory resonance and consciousness expansion on an exponential scale. This shift will lead to an ever changing landscape globally.

There shall be unseen advanced technologies, making their way into the public domain on a regular basis. There shall be hidden ancient knowledge surfacing for illumination. There shall be a dispersal of power and redistribution of wealth, as discordant patterning no longer reigns supreme.

This will mark the beginning of a new era - where all are illuminated, operating from a place of heart centred intention and divine unity consciousness. This is where the New Earth grid structures will reside and flourish. Where co-creation of a new and improved expansive reality, will manifest with ease and grace."


With an increase in the strength and frequency of solar flares and other cosmic events, light is hitting the planet like never before. Mainstream scientists are baffled by the extreme energy spikes, recorded by the Schumann resonance. These powerful cosmic energies have knocked out satellites, wifi and other electrical equipment and continue to do so. Yet mainstream science, does not consider the implications on the human body.

In actuality this light carries informational codes. The Universe or quantum field, a huge data bank akin to cloud storage. A transference of energy is taking place, upgrading and activating our existing and dormant DNA strands.

Moving into higher vibratory resonance, our dense bodies must become lighter and stronger to handle the influx of light. As we calibrate, we experience ascension/ light activation symptoms, such as fatigue, emotional imbalance or ill health. We must not fear these symptoms, merely listen to our body and respond accordingly. Resting, nutrition, fasting, meditation and herbs, are just some of the ways you can support your body during these periods.


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