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The Complexity of Holographic Experience and Energetic Exchange - Akashic Records and Soul Guidance

"The fundamentals by which realities are governed vary significantly, dependent on the consciousness as a perceiver. This paradox allows for fundamental floors to occur, in the very basis of your mainstream views on Newtonian physics.

This constraining reductionist belief system, will only serve to hinder scientific advancement. There is only so far this theory can be applied, before running into inexplainable conundrums. This results in a capping or constraint of consciousness evolution. This also assists in keeping the collective and the individual small. This then perpetuates and reinforces the status quo, at the expense of consciousness expansion.

And so there is a dilemma, a choice that must be made that is down to the individual. Does the mainstream narrative dictate what the soul thinks and knows to be true; or does the soul take a leap of faith and explore the perceived constraints and circumvent them? This is the choice each individual will be faced with at some point in their journey. This will signify the start of the ascension process. A process by which there shall be no return, once set into motion.

This undertaking is a challenging and heroic journey requiring trust, faith and heartfelt determination, to overcome the many obstacles that may present. The journey requires the soul to shed the many layers of density, amassed over many lifetimes and experiences. This will allow them to vibrate at a faster speed and reach higher levels of consciousness. This in turn will provide the soul with a sense of peace, divine understanding and true connection to the one, the everything, source creator."


Consciousness is an integral part of the quantum field and the immersive reality it chooses to focus on. Without the conscious perceiver, the reality would not exist. This inextricable link between observer and particle, has been evidenced in the observer effect quantum experiment. Reductionist Newtonian theory, does not consider the impact of consciousness on matter or reality. Where mainstream physics fails to answer the mysteries of the universe, quantum advancements and consciousness evolution will.

With the frequency rising, change is in the air. Increasing reports of outer body and near death experiences, lucid and vivid dreams, increased intuition and synchronicity. Finally, we are questioning the establishment and status quo. Spontaneous awakenings are happening all over the planet. The veil of perception is lifting.

We are undertaking the Hero's Journey, an archetypal story pattern common in ancient myths and modern day adventures. Stepping out into the great unknown, heart centred, we leave fear and doubt in the third dimension.


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