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Solitude - The Council of Light

"There is a peacefulness that solitude brings, to a collective experiencing chaos and destruction. It is a time to take stock and reflect on experiences amassed thus far. It is a time for dissolution of the ego and the projected self. This is a complex undertaking that takes time, heartfelt honesty and emotions.

The ability to know oneself is a time consuming endeavour, that requires dedication and patience. The ability to recognise oneself as an eternal being, allows you to expand beyond the perceived border of your holographic matrix. This will allow your consciousness to excavate and explore the many realities, timelines and dimensions available. In turn, this will expand your understanding and awareness of the universal matrices.

So to be alone is not to be diminished or perceived as an imposition; rather an opportunity for growth and exploration of your true potential in this expression."


Although awakening can be gradual, the point of no return whereby consciousness expands to such a degree, is pivotal to the ascension process. With increased light hitting the planet, the ascension process is speeding up like never before. Shedding the many layers of density; as your vibration increases, your awareness expands.

You may find there is no longer resonance with certain people, beliefs and modes of being. An increased sensitivity to subtle energies, at times you may feel overwhelmed by the energy of others. Listening to your intuition, retreating into solitude when necessary, will allow you to stabilise, re-energise and explore.


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