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Self Sabotage and Cyclical Patterning - The Council of Light

"Self sabotage, excessive desires, wants and needs in your hologram are suppressant of your ascension process. The matrix is structured in such a way to ensure that souls are always left wanting more than they have in the present moment. This imbues a feeling of lack. An energetic imprint that is instilled at the foundational level of your matrix structure and holographic manifestations. And so it is with deep sadness and regret that we relay this message to a civilisation that has already been so heavily repressed.

The structures in your hologram entice individuals to seek pleasure and happiness in the external, whilst ignoring the internal energetics. This has lead to a separation of self, the emotional body forgotten and disregarded. The pain, hurt and sorrow is anaesthetised with distraction, desires, needs, wants and self sabotaging patterning. This in turn creates a cycle of density in which one becomes trapped, feeling there is no escape.

It is only when we accept that we are in a repeating pattern or cycle of density, that one is able to centre and potentially break the patterning. And so we urge that humans do not resign themselves to such patterning, even if they have repeated the pattern many times over. There is always the potential for change, there is always the potential for evolutionary growth and understanding.

The intention a precursor, a driving force for this change. A means by which to overcome all obstacles and challenges that may present. The intention a conduit for growth self-actualised. And so we depart with a message of hope, that humanity will overcome the suppression, break the patterning and expel the density that has been kept them small."


The density in which we have incarnated makes self sabotage and excessive desire inevitable. A means to self soothe, escape or simply rebel against the constraints society and your situation have placed upon you. Sound familiar? Food, alcohol, consumerism, just some of the many distractions used to avoid facing unwanted emotions. Eventually these short term vices, become long term patterning. A cycle of density, denial and despair.

We all have our narrative, inner child wounding, health, relationships, finances or past life trauma. Whilst understanding the origin of density cycles is beneficial to reach acceptance, ultimately we must break the cycle in order to evolve. As a species we are far from perfect, in this together and striving for change. If at first we don't succeed, try try again.


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