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Reordering of the Bio-particulate - The Council of Light

"There is a threshold that one meets, whereby energy can no longer be sustained within their energetic field. This is when reordering must occur. This is a process whereby dense energy is transmuted and circumvented. This is a complex process at first instance. Patience, practice and dedication is needed to overcome the density and challenges faced.

There shall be resounding efforts to keep you small and powerless. There shall be energies so intense, you may feel powerless and disorientated. However, you will overcome and transmute them if you persist. Your intention to overcome them, alongside your light; a driving force that knows no bounds.

Once transmuted reordering must commence. Alignment to fifth dimensional grids and source will follow. A period of calibration, as your field adjusts to the influx of light. This may be uncomfortable at times and the body may require additional support. One must take care of themselves mentally, physically and spiritually within these periods."


Currently experiencing a dramatic shift, once again this download was divinely timed. A poignant collective message, this will resonate with many, at some stage in their journey. When faced with an overwhelming surge of density, we must not let doubt hinder our progress. When dense energies take hold, doubt merely tightens their grip. Heartfelt intention will always be more powerful.

Once overcome, the acclimation to increased light, may result in fatigue, strong emotions or health issues surfacing to clear. As we calibrate, we must be kind to ourselves. Meditation, fasting, juicing, sleeping, music and nature - just some of the ways you can alleviate symptoms and find peace. A transient state of being, this soon will come to pass.


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