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Overcoming Karma - First Source Light

How do we overcome karma?

"Humility, understanding and compassion are key to breaking karmic contracts and bonds.

You must always be grateful for your experiences, to ensure you understand the bigger lesson.

You must always empathise with the other soul, to enable healing to take place.

You can no longer be in victim mentality, if you are to heal karmic bonds and wounds.

You are a sovereign being; a co-creator and spiritual. You have everything you need within your essence."


Following a spate of karmic interactions, I received a divinely timed download. Human relationships will always require some level of compromise. The lower dimensional density in which we have incarnated makes this inevitable. However, there are some relationships that seem doomed from the start. At the very least, cyclical in their discordance. These are karmic in nature. Neither good or bad, an energetic reverberation seeking to be cleared. In doing so, balance is restored.

A challenging reality, we have all played the role of the victim in life. Perhaps echoing statements like, 'life is so cruel, why me?' or 'It's their fault, not mine'. In order to expand our consciousness and overcome karma, we are required to move past this.

The spiral of time provides cyclical repetition, until the lesson is learned. Projecting our emotions onto others, playing the victim and giving our power away, will only prolong the karmic cycle.

Bringing our awareness inward, self inquiry and compassion, helps us to understand the karmic lessons. Enabling us to release our traumas, whilst forgiving ourselves and others. In doing so we become lighter, stronger, happier - knowing that we are all that we need.


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