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Overcoming Challenges and Detrimental Choices - First Source Light

"You must not dwell in a state of misery and regret, when a choice is made that is detrimental to your wellbeing. You must seek out the lesson, the meaning behind the choice once made. You are a spiritual being, experiencing a human expression of existence. You are governed by programming , societal structural constraints and norms.

Awakening to this reality and knowingness allows you to break free, shedding the layers of density, that keep you small and powerless. This is no easy path. The path is seldom a straight one. The path most walked, is often the path least understood. The challenges we have define us, once we recognise the power we have to overcome them. It is in this state of beingness that we truly evolve and know peace on this earthly plane."


A personal download, a little hesitant I delayed sharing this post. However, I was reminded we all make mistakes, we all experience challenges. We are in this together. Here to de-programme unconscious behaviour, shed the energetic baggage; understand the lessons and forgive ourselves and others. Lighter we align to more positive timeliness and states of being.

Similar to 'karma' the spiral of time repeats the energetic cycle. Presented with choice points until the lesson has been learned. The cycle completes, evolutionary advancement has been made. I wondered how many lives we have moved through unaware, repeating the same limiting choices? No doubt more lives than we could ever conceive. Yet we continue on, unwavering in our pursuit of growth. Indeed, 'The path most walked, is often the path least understood'.


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