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Nucleic Transfer & Homogenised Focused Streams of Consciousness (DNA Upgrades) - Lords of the Akash

"Nucleic transfer as exchange, is a process by which informational coding is incorporated into the genome sequence. This affects both DNA and RNA structuring and development in a positive way, leading to expansion of the encoded potential. In receiving these nucleic upgrades to the physical vessel, the bio-molecular structures must attune and calibrate. Vessels in a state of incoherence and dissonance, will find these transfers extremely difficult to navigate.

The new sequencing is of extreme importance to humanity's consciousness evolution. This will allow consciousness to expand beyond the confinements of the current matrix. This will affect the individual in ways in which you cannot conceive. There shall be much confusion over the coming months and years, with respect to genome sequencing.

The transfers will continue to manipulate the current DNA/ RNA strands, until alignment to sixth density frequency is fully attained. In a place where the vessel and bio-molecular structuring can process, integrate and withstand the higher vibrational resonance.

This will be achieved through focused, homogenised and coherent energy, emanating from each individual. This in turn will produce an energy, a consciousness, a collective; much greater that the sum of its parts. This will provide great clarity to the individual. No longer reliant on the external for validation or for the acquisition of complex knowledge and universal truths.

Vibratory resonance of the collective will propel and advance your civilisation in inconceivable ways; to new levels of understanding and engagement with your physical reality. This will be a time of great advancement, connection and divine unity consciousness."


Collectively operating in a state of incoherence, we unconsciously move through life, projecting our energy into the future or past. Sleep deprivation, adrenal fatigue and anxiety, simply our modern day norms. Survival of the fittest and competition, embedded in our programming. Should you question the narrative, the fear of lack and poverty, guarantees your submissiveness. No time to stop, we cannot process our trauma, emotions and thoughts. Disconnected and distracted, our accumulative experiences, a sea of white noise.

As discussed in previous posts, self inquiry is key to release density and move into alignment. As we evolve energetically, we are evolving physically. Our bio-technology or 'vessel', is being upgraded to accommodate the increased vibratory resonance. The increased light hitting the planet, carrying the informational codes required to assist in this process.

Any underlying emotions or health issues, will be heightened during transfers, as the body attunes to the influx of light. Remaining in flow, attendance to mental, spiritual and physical needs is necessary during these periods.

Yes, these are challenging times but incredibly exciting too. With every transfer, our multidimensional awareness, soul memory and extra sensory gifts unlock. Opening us to a reality without borders, immeasurable soul potential and universal understating.


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