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Manifestation & Actualisation in Your Frequency Shift and Transitional Period - The Council of Light

"The planetary body in which you reside is incurring monumental interdimensional and interplanetary shifts at this time. The grid system and structures incumbent in this space time are collapsing. The reality in which you reside is breaking apart at its very core. Making way for organic structuring, nodal joints and energetic rehabilitation; of what was once in place as the dominant frequency. Insofar as a connection to source, a remembrance of your intrinsic divinity, your celestial knowing and divine unity consciousness shall actualise into beingness.

This internal energetic space grows to illuminate a world of possibility, manifestation and actualisation. A world not readily available to humanity for thousands of linear years. This new energetic space will allow the individual to co-create and manifest the unseen, the unknown, the unimaginable experiences. This will be a time of great exploration, scientific and consciousness advancement.

Despite this progression there will be challenges incurred, as individuals learn to navigate a multidimensional, unified quantum field of potential. A morphogenetic field of consciousness whereby others intentions, emotions and energetic sequencing, can and will interact with our own intentions, desires and sequencing. Whilst this is a logical by-product of a unified field, this must be taken into account when acclimating and assimilating to your highest possible timelines of manifestation.

On a frequency based trajectory, you must ensure that the energy remains coherent and focused to ensure actualisation of said timeline alignment. Furthermore, you should withhold manifestational intentions from others in various circumstances. This is particularly the case in your current transitional period for a number of reasons. It may be the case that the individual is operating on a different timeline to you in the now moment. It may be the case that

their frequency does not resonate with your manifestation trajectory. And so in telling people, you are inadvertently hindering the process.

Whilst there may be no ill intentions present, there are many complexities surrounding frequency that must be considered. However, that is not to say that you cannot share desires and intentions with others. There will always be the need to do so when interacting in human relationships. However, discernment is key as to the variables and complexities each situation holds for the individuals involved. And so we depart with an uplifting vibration to elevate and lighten your energetic field in your space time continuum; to ascend, to love, to unify."


Again deep breaths and a moments focus will intensify this uplifting vibration and love based frequency.

Currently transitioning to an organic grid system, we leave behind the AI structuring and modelling that has oppressed humanity for thousands of linear years. This transition is monumental with respect of the wider shift to the sixth density and Golden Earth Era 144 grid structuring.

As with all change there may be upheaval. An awareness of frequency based manifestation and timeline alignment is necessary during these transitional periods. With each individual on their own trajectory, even members of your household are likely aligning with differing timelines. As such, discernment and keeping manifestational intentions to yourself, increases chances of success. Remaining focused and aligned, will ensure you secure your highest possible timelines.


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