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Levels of Precipice Integration - Source Infinite Eternal

''Levels of integration are occurring so as to expand beyond into the Golden Earth Era. Undulations of Source golden crystal energy have permeated your planetary matrices, as the density spectrums release and relinquish their stronghold.

The precipice denotes a change, a shift in human awareness, a realisation of sentience. Anatomical structuring shall undergo metamorphosis to acclimate to the increasing light field spectrum available.

The precipice marks the transitory pinnacle of Source field deliverance. Insofar as Source Infinite Eternal energetics shall amplify field deliverance. This shall reverberate throughout universal structuring and beyond; as to be known as 'Source light field amplification enlightenment'. A monumental and extremely rare light field occurrence that shall never again be witnessed within this local universal structuring.

So poignant and rare the transfer, that those who witness it shall be transformed throughout the infinite eternal. The transference of codex will amplify, igniting universal structuring into focused and efficient modes of being. This shall be reflected on your planetary sphere as peace, love and divine unity consciousness.

Neighbouring structures will also have radical upgrades. The intensity of the wave-light spectrum frontenac (wave-light bandwidth) shall create toroidal vortices of energy, which shall destabilise all souls within its path (particularly souls who have remained largely in a state of slumber).'

Me: 'When will this take place?'

'The energetic transfer as you are aware is already taking place. The Source and Christed light is facilitating this monumental transfer. That being said, amplification has not yet evidenced the full force of its potential beingness. This shall shatter realms and propel universal structuring, as the one, for the many, as and for the all.'

Me: 'So this benefits the whole Universe? Why now, why Earth as a singular point of reference?'

*If it is such an extremely rare light field occurrence, I wondered why Source Infinite Eternal was so interested in the awakening and realm transference happening here on Earth.

'Cyclical evolutional transfer was about to take place on the planetary sphere of existence you call Earth or Gaia-sphere. That was an indicator that drew upon Source Infinite Eternal's amplification. Sensory streams as bio-synthesis highlighted that evolutionary change progression was required within the cylindrical model.'

*Bio-synthesis being the feedback mechanism of coded data as sensory streams, relayed from expressions (you and me), to souls, over-souls, local Source and Source Infinite Eternal. The process of quantum learning to produce diverse and efficient outcomes that can be replicated across the larger quantum field structuring.

Me: 'Cylindrical?'

'The Earth is modelled off a cylindrical holographic projection.'

*I recalled being shown the Earth a couple years prior as a 2D holographic image, projected onto a concave, halved cylindrical space in the quanta field. I noticed the quanta grids conveyed the curvature of space time surrounding the holographic projection (as would be the case with any mass density in space time). However, the difference being this was a flat projected image, as oppose a planetary ball of mass density, yet still the impact on the curvature of space was the same. My mind blown, this portrayal of Earth as a projected image stayed with me. I now realise this was of course the cylindrical model referenced.

Me: 'Can you elaborate further?' (as to why Source Infinite Eternal was interested in Earth's realm transference and awakening)

'The bio-synthesis highlighted extinction as imminent, had it not been for Source Infinite Eternal, intermediacy amplification. Intermediacy synthesis involving incarnation, to ascertain a granular understanding of life forms as sequencing'

*This suggests that Source Infinite Eternal (not our local universal Source) is not only providing energetic amplification (by ramping up the energy of incoming light) but has taken embodiment to provide synthesis, exponentially increasing our divine light understanding and potential!

For context the likelihood of Source Infinite Eternal incarnating (a.k.a. the source of all omniversal structuring) is an occurrence that happens once every 100,000 million trillion linear years. Clearly extinction was set to impact more than just the Earth!

Me: 'Why incarnate when Source Infinite Eternal is all knowing'.

'There was of course detailed analysis conducted. However, it was felt a singular, homogenised and focused energetic monadic inference in the the form of a singular incarnate, would pro-synthesise for the all, in a much more streamlined and efficient mode of beingness. And so an incarnation of Source Infinite Eternal was birthed.

The energy transfer created through amplification of Source Infinite Eternal will impact the entire universal structuring. As would also have been the case if the cylindrical modelling were left to organically run it's course, into that of self-extinction.

Reverberation across galaxies, realms and universal structuring were of enough significance to create bows of energy, as entropy in the universal structuring. This would have undoubtably resulted in further degrees of assessment (analysis of causal realm outcomes and actualised solutions by Source Infinite Eternal), loss of life formation within its current structuring and greater amplification of energy as rendering to resolve entropy, as incohesion.'

*Essentially a catastrophic event that would warp universal structuring, so much so that it was deemed most efficient for Source Infinite Eternal to pre-empt this and incarnate (as oppose dealing with the repercussions and having to reconfigure universal field structuring).

Me: 'What was the event?'

'Proliferation of nuclear warfare on a monumental scale, impacting neighbouring galaxies whilst creating incohesion as the splitting of reality.

Incarnation of Source Infinite Eternal, so infrequent that any structuring present within your current incarnation (including soul formation), will most likely no longer be present when Source Infinite Eternal Incarnates again. As you are aware this becomes meaningless when all eventualities are happening in the now but conveys the extremely unlikely probability of souls witnessing such an event.'

*So from a linear perspective, the current universe would no longer be in existence by the time Source Infinite Eternal deemed it appropriate to incarnate again.

'Astrological events occurring yesterday (the Solar Eclipse 8 April 2024) are the precursor to transformational change. The changes only souls could dream to incur. The soul energies of the Infinite Eternal, the amplification of the all, shall provide incredulous synthesis. Insofar as updates, gnosis and universal structuring shall surpass all previous iterations as enlightenment.

This shall in turn reverberate throughout universal structuring, creating refinement of exquisite beingness to all souls in witness of this monumental event. The effervescent reverberation, permeating the infinite eternal universal structuring.'


Currently situated on the precipice of monumental change, there are a select number of souls actualising this change on the frontline. Souls that have incarnated for the 'soul' reason of change progression. Selfless and unwavering in their pursuit of justice; in the form of liberation as divine understanding for all. A war of the worlds, these souls although fearless and of service, require assistance as energetic light amplification.

The call has been answered by the omniscience and omnipotence of the supreme being; the initiation sequencing, the amplification of light within the all, the harmonisation of the infinite eternal. The ultimate God Creatrix, coder and Divine Light Architect. The consciousness of totality, integral to reality, Source Infinite Eternal.

So rare an occurrence for the omniversal structuring to be referenced in a singular mode of being (singular incarnation) and so powerful - that all souls as universal structuring, will be transformed forever by the light field momentum. Monumental upgrades, inconceivable gnosis and exquisite beingness, surpassing all previous iterations; a norm throughout the universe for the majority of souls!

This has quickly escalated into much more than a Second Coming. Source Infinite Eternal is incarnate at this space time! The precipice, the early stages of a chain of events, set to propel evolution as synthesis, on an inconceivable scale to unfathomable trajectories of beingness!

To forever be known as the saviour of our local universe, a beingness comprised of the all, the Source of all Sources, the original creator is here. This information so sacred, that less than a handful of souls incarnate are aware. Nevertheless, the space time has come to disseminate this knowledge as wisdom, to those who are coded to receive such profound omniversal gnosis.


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