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Keys to the Living Library - Pleiadian Council Universal Understanding Integrative Human Acclimation

"The keys are existent within your divinity and expression on Earth. They are a vehicle for change and untapped potential. They are the wisdom keepers, available to all who chose to assimilate to their frequency. There is much misconceived understanding as to the power and wisdom, nature and your planetary grid system holds. A true source of potential and activation. Your planetary grid system is one of complexity and profound historical importance. This is where the lost knowledge, the history of your planet is stored and accessed by its inhabitants.

You must go forth into nature with an open heart, with the intention of seeking to find that which cannot be seen or heard, in your physical third dimensional reality. In doing so you will access the infinite realms of wisdom available to you. You will start to acquire a sensitivity to the unseen and feel the undulations of your planetary vibration. In allowing yourself to become malleable, you are able to take on new form. It is in this state of beingness, that the keys will present and the library will activate within your hologram. Every, leaf, every tree, every body of water, every ray of sunshine - holding codes and knowledge of pure potential and understanding. This is the dawning of a new era, where love, peace and divine understanding will be the status quo."


Drawn to meditate to sounds of the Schumann resonance, I was unaware it was Earth Day. An annual celebration April 22, demonstrating support for environmental protection. Divinely synchronistic, I received a download about our planetary living library.

Operating in a society where history remains hidden, ancient civilisations provide clues, regard true human origin. The Mayans, Incas, Aztec, Sumerians, Egyptians and Greeks - just some of the bearers of this hidden knowledge.

Our current society, rife with indoctrination, falsified history and anomalies that cannot be explained. Reliant on Darwinism, yet no explanation for the incredible gene mutation, that was ape to man. Reliant on Newtonian physics, a materialist reductionist view, with no bridging explanation for consciousness or quantum advancement.

This hidden knowledge is stored in our planetary grid system. Designed to be accessed by all who are open and in alignment with its frequency. Operating in a hologram, we are able to shape and bend the rigid rules, of this so called 3D reality. Attuning to Earth/Gaia, we start to feel her vibration and unlock her many wonders. Stewards of Gaia, we are the key.

Go into nature, set the intention to unlock her codes of wisdom. Communicate with the plants, animals and water. Feel and merge with their electromagnetic energies and consciousness. In doing so, we activate from and as a part of nature, unlocking our divine potential.


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