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Hopelessness as a Vehicle for Change and Self-actualisation - The Council of Light

"Hopelessness is a term misconceived, a misnomer one might say. The beauty of hopelessness lies firstly in its transience, but secondly hopelessness as an energetic exchange. The energetic exchange signifies that there is a balancing energy, necessary to complete the transfer as an exchange. And so with hopelessness, there must alway be hope, as long as there is hopelessness.

When we are hopeless we must accept the energy in which we are situated. Surrendering to the current state of being, we allow the energy to flow and move through us with ease and grace. An energetic by-product not afforded to that of resistance.

In surrendering to this state of being, we allow the process of integration and subsequent release to commence. In completion of this cycle, we find hope returns once again. And so we are never truly without hope, as with all experiential growth, change is an inevitable certainty."


Another divinely timed download, applicable to all, at some stage in their journey. In receiving this message, I surrendered to the hopelessness. No longer angry or frustrated, in a place of acceptance. No longer resistant, I could simply be. The tension releasing, relief washing over me. Pondering this cycle, my vibration rose, a glimmer of hope had returned. A new perspective, an appreciation for the transient beauty and energetic exchange of hopelessness.


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