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Harnessing the Now - First Source Light

"An illusory past superseded by the now. The now is all there was, all there is, all there ever will be. And so it is the now moment, that we harness our true potential. To grow, to evolve, to experience that which is love on a wave light of divergence; to better understand the concept of the whole, the everything, Source Creator.

The now is integral and intrinsic to your core beingness. It is the now that dominates the experiential wave light of expression. It is the now that allows for acclimation to higher levels of understanding and soul expression.

The now is underestimated for its potency, its ability to propel to great levels of awareness. To overcome the challenges, that have held you seemingly locked in place. To assimilate to source frequency, is to be present in the now. Only then will a soul truly know peace, on this earthly plane of existence, understanding and wave light expression."


Recently tasked with a piece of lightwork that led to several traumatic events, for a period of time, I truly believed there was no way out. Locked in a nightmare, facing the depths of hell; I lost faith in the power of my divinity. It reminded me of the dark night of the soul. An experience so powerful, so consuming, stripping you of everything you believed to be true. Yet what follows this extreme breakdown; a shift in reality, profound awakening.

If the now is all we have, then there is great power in this knowing. Attachments, narratives, memories, all loosening their grip. No longer do they define us. No longer do they dominate how we think, feel and act.

No matter how challenging the situation, we will grow and evolve. Overcoming the impossible and achieving extraordinary feats . We will reach the dizzying heights of awareness and love, on this earthly plane of wave light expression. Heart centred, it is our presence and perception that will pave the way.


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