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Entropy as a Means to Disempower & Manipulate the Collective Mindset - The Council of Light

"Entropy as a form of oppressive manipulation is a tactic used in your holographic modelling. This allows the manipulation to go largely undetected in the conscious perceiver. This allows the manipulation, as coded anomalies and sequencing, to embed in the holographic modelling of an individual or mass consciousness.

The implications of which are far reaching and why humanity is still largely in a state of slumber. Whilst we do see this lifting, change is chaotic and challenges will and have to present. In presenting in this way, reconfiguration of entropy can occur. With differing coding and sequencing attempting to streamline; until a coded efficient solution can occur and materialise in your holographic matrices.

Whilst this is the very basis of evolutionary potential in this universal structuring, the level of manipulation in your current matrices must not be underestimated. As souls or expressions, you are bombarded with restrictive oppressive programming; from the time space in which you enter or are born, through to your final exit point.

Programming is inherited, embedded within the DNA of your ancestral lineage. Programming is imbued upon you by your parents, institutions such as schools, places of work, entities of the state and transnational agenda. Further programming from the consumption of media news, entertainment and social media, ensures that entropy as distortion is encoded into the individuals field of perception.

Seemingly harmless media consumed by the masses is most likely embedded with coding; that seeks to distort, change and manipulate the energy field of those who consume it. In being subjugated to such a degree, humanity has very little insight into the seemingly invisible, yet extremely oppressive prison system it resides in.

And so we depart on a vibration of stability and peace to gain clarity amidst the chaos. Knowing that your essence is all that you need to navigate the transitional period in your space time continuum."


A moments focus, deep inhale through the nose, feeling your abdomen expand. Hold. Exhale slowly through the mouth, allowing the peaceful, crisp and refined energy to wash over you. Repeat with gratitude to strengthen.

This channel reminds us that the very fabric of reality is the result of encoded energetic potential. Akin to an organic quantum super computer; you, me, consciousness, space in its entirety, all made up of code. The code carrying the information required to change, create and manipulate within the hologram.

Currently incarnated into a matrices of extreme manipulation, we are a civilisation kept in the shadows. Controlled by an elite and certain external forces, possessing advanced capabilities and understanding of the quantum field. The manipulation runs deep. The complexity of technology used, far surpassing our mainstream understanding.

Through AI coding and sequencing, our energetic field of perception is littered with distortion and siphoning energetics. The goal, to keep us in a state of slumber and invisible oppression. As we lose the energetic baggage or density, we become increasingly sensitive to the energetic manipulation.

This awareness somewhat uncomfortable at times but key to our evolution, liberation and divine understanding. We chose to incarnate, to assist, to experience. In this together, nurturing our connection, we pave the way to a brighter more expansive future.


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