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Delineation & Transmutation of Density from the Macrocosm to the Microcosm - The Council of Light

'To delineate is to separate ones energy from the whole, or in a thought form more accessible, separate out from that of another. There is much misconception and misconceived ideas surrounding delineation, when we are striving toward unity consciousness; the true nature in which we are birthed into being.

Nevertheless, there is a place for delineation, when undergoing transitional frequency shifts and consciousness evolution en masse; as is the case in your current hologram. The transitional phase is a period of attunement and calibration. As such, energetics will be fraught with turbulence.

The energy and structures by which you are governed are manipulating and hindering the ascension process on your planetary sphere, in your space time continuum. There has been much contradictory and conflicting energy to navigate, circumvent and overcome. There are forces which seek to acclimate and assimilate to your electromagnetic field; to control and distort your perception of reality.

These energies as consciousness, have kept humanity in the shadows, for many thousands of years. Feeding off low vibratory states of collective resonance and so enslaving humanity for their own ends. To ensure compliance, a collective indoctrination programme has been enacted. The masses in a state of slumber, easy to manipulate, overwhelm and control.

There have been times when star nations have intercepted such activities, to ensure humanities continued survival. However, we as star nations and families of light, abide by Universal Law and the freewill existent on your planetary sphere. We will not intervene, unless it derails the entire ascension process.

And so we depart with a message of discernment when applying delineation. There may be times when a loved one or friend is energetically incoherent. Seeking solace and stability in the presence of your energetic field. Whilst this is understandable, an awareness of your energy and subsequent retrieval, may be necessary in such instances.

Similarly an overwhelming energy or consciousness met in the morphogenetic field, would necessitate such delineation; so as not to drain your life force energetics and coded knowledge.

Navigating a collective frequency shift is challenging. We commend your efforts daily and note the resilience and determination of humanity as a collective. We are honoured to support, guide and assist you through this frequency shift."


Divinely timed, addressing the paradox of creating boundaries, whilst striving for unity consciousness. As with all navigation of the morphogenetic field, discernment is key. Whether we consider the oppressive falsified narrative and limited perception of our 3D matrix or the wider dimensional matrices we have access to.

Personally, it is more a question of how I feel, as oppose to what I think. Self-inquiry is necessary to excavate and expose, where life force energy and coding has been siphoned. Whether this is a slumbering family member, an incoherent friend or a nefarious consciousness met in the field. I would like to note, we have all been guilty of this at some stage. The density in which we have incarnated makes this inevitable. Nevertheless, we now have the awareness to rectify the energetic imbalance.

As for the suppressive collective energies, once our crown chakra/ energy centre opens, the knowledge of humanity's oppression finds us. As our third eye opens, our pineal gland activates. We are met with the glaring truth, we are not alone. A melting pot of life, all with differing agendas and intent. No need to fear, heart-centred, we use our discernment to navigate the morphogenetic field. Where there is shadow, there must also be light.


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