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Deception in Your Mainstream Narrative - The Council of Light

"The wheels of motion up until now, have been turning in a direction prohibitive of evolutionary growth. There has been an understanding that has been manipulated and entrenched in fear. This has left the masses subdued, divided and kept in the shadows.

Illuminary energies are changing and dismantling this model, at the core and foundational level. The models by which you have been governed are dismantling; to pave the way for a New Earth era, in which transparency and connection runs deep through its core. This will allow individuals to grow exponentially from a consciousness perspective. This will allow the masses to unite and immerse themselves in collective and planetary change.

This will signify a welcoming of your civilisation on the galactic stage of commerce, communication and evolutionary understanding. A world without borders, a planetary body that has overcome the challenges of cyclical growth. A celestial being that has circumvented extreme hardships, to birth a new and expansive consciousness; from a place of unwavering love in the pursuit of your collective evolution."


Moving through a transitional phase to higher states of consciousness, divisive and oppressive structures are losing their grip. As the current matrix dismantles, we dream of a connected, expansive and transparent world.

A poignant download, I pondered the overwhelming hardships Gaia/Earth has overcome, to ensure our continued growth. Indeed a celestial being, a beautiful and selfless soul, to whom the majority show very little appreciation. Unwavering in her love for us, one cannot be anything but truly grateful.


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