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Current Transitional Energetics - Pleiadian Council of Universal Understanding & Human Acclimation

"The transitional changes that have taken place so far have been somewhat turbulent and reactionary. In respect of collective perspective and understanding, there have also been energetic pulses as waves; sent to further distort and uphold tyranny amongst the masses.

These energetic pulses have manifested as fiscal instability in your collective consciousness. This in turn has exacerbated the scarcity mindset, lowering collective vibratory resonance for a period of space time. That being said we do foresee this lifting, as individuals start to question the mainstream narrative more and more.

A counter wave of high vibrational light has been deployed alongside, to balance the wave of unrest. The increased light hitting the planet, creating a vibratory platform from which to harness cosmic energetics and expand. The flip side of this influx is of course residual density and old programming surfacing to clear, at this time space continuum.

And so we remind all who received this channelled transmission, to be aware of ones own energetics during this time of heightened energetic exchange and transfer."


As fiscal issues dominate the media, fear and lack are at the forefront of the collective's mind. Allowing the scarcity mindset to take hold, I projected into the future, contemplating denser possibilities. In doing so, aligning myself with lower vibratory timelines. Eventually releasing this energy, I moved back into alignment. Confidence in timeline trajectory and the ability to create my own reality was restored.

The counter lightwave deployed, has intensified an already eventful August. Harnessing these energetics is tantamount to progression. Nevertheless, do not dwell if you're purging density and finding the transits uncomfortable. We have all experienced this at some stage.

Personally, I have noted doubt, old patterning and relationships surfacing to clear. Similar to an onion, each time we address an issue, we peel away another layer of density. Each layer moving closer to cyclical completion and closure at the human level.

As an observer, we must hold compassion for ourselves during heightened energetic transfers. Nutrition, rest, meditation, release through crying; some of the ways to provide much needed relief and stabilise.


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