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Crystal Consciousness - First Source Light

"Crystal consciousness is a source of protection. It is a means by which to delineate. It is an evolutionary tool, which can be harnessed to create great change. The implications of crystal consciousness are vast, the potential limitless.

To observe a crystal, is to reflect on ones own mirror image. To harness energy, one must set an intention. The intention precedes the action. The action a facilitation of the intention. The crystal a conduit through which intention, energy and action reside. An amplification of intention focused energy flow. Serving to intensify that which passes through the crystal molecular structure.

Crystals are intertwined with human and galactic history. Underestimated by many for their unwavering strength, knowledge and potential. They carry a consciousness and therefore must be interacted with from a place of heartfelt emotion and love. In doing so, harnessing their true potential, unlocking their many secrets and coded knowledge."


Ancient formations of molecular structuring, galactic energy and knowledge are contained within every crystal. An integral part of ancient Atlantis and Lemuria, our ancestors understood their cosmic potential.

All fractals of the one, the everything, source consciousness, we are intrinsically connected. Simply experiencing ourself from multiple different perspectives. With this in mind, our perceived reality and the consciousness we interact with, are all mirrored reflections of the energy we hold and exude.

As a mirrored consciousness, treating your crystals with love, expressing gratitude for their assistance, will only serve to heighten their potential.


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