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Continuous Change & Causation - Pleiadian Council of Universal Understanding & Human Acclimation

"There is a wave of energy as unrest, that is about to ripple through your collective at this time. Enigmatic dogmatism will be prevalent in your mainstream media narrative. The enemy of the state machine, the ability to know oneself. Able to think and feel beyond the confined restraints, parameters and borders. This level of understanding is tantamount to uncovering your truth, as a collective and individual.

The seeds of knowledge have been planted within you planetary grid structures. Accessed by all who reside at its frequency. There will be a reckoning of the scales, as balance is restored once more. The longitude and latitudinal lines on your planetary grid structure, will formulate a network of higher vibrational transmission and broadcasting capabilities. A neural network, an information and communication hub, designed to connect individuals to their galactic counterparts, star families and families of light.

This will result in illumination of your truth and liberation of your collective. This in turn will set you free, free to explore the the many wonders a holographic, multi-dimensional, universal existence has to offer."


As goods and services are squeezed, inflation is rising. Wars, pandemics, elitism, corporate control; all contributors to this wave of unrest. Bombarded with false media narratives, supposed absolute truths, that simply do not add up. Individuals who question the status quo, quickly labelled conspiracy theorist and ridiculed. Stay in your lane, get back in line; the state commands it.

In placing our energy inward, we break away from the indoctrination and confinements of the matrix. With Akashic information returning to Gaia and fifth dimensional grids anchoring; we too can access the universal energetic exchange, this neural network provides. Available to all, first the many and then the masses, illumination is upon us. The veil of perception is lifting.


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